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  1. My experience is that leaking carbs are caused by stuck or worn float needles or a maladjusted float. You may be able to polish the needle and seat with some 0000 steel wool and solve the problem. Otherwise, it may require a new needle, which is easy to install and not expensive. Look in the manual for instructions on adjusting the float.
  2. Spark arrestor, kickstand and handguards. It will be an average of 86% more fun than your 250, based on in depth analysis by my boys and me.
  3. I have a 2002 YZ250F and that model did come with a compression release, so the seller's comments are a bit suspect. The Powercore 4 is REALLY loud, so you'll have to get either a quiet insert or a new muffler if you plan on riding it in public. Mine has been reliable, but I miss the snap of a 2 stroke. I would be inclined to keep the KX250 if it's in decent shape. A test ride will tell you whether the power characteristics make you smile.
  4. What holds it in place, just friction?
  5. On my 2002, the Powercore4 fit the stock header.
  6. Including the midpipe, the Powercore4 is 36" long. I don't know how it compares to the stock muffler, but it's REALLY loud compared to the FMF Q. I doubt it will pass sound tests for competition unless you use the optional restrictor, which may affect performance. It has much better low and mid power than the Q, but again, I don't know how it compares to stock.
  7. I purchased a used YZ250F several years ago and had a slightly less severe problem with sparkly oil. The problem turned out to be a broken gear on the water pump. Some of the pieces migrated into the crankcase and one tooth strayed all the way over to the magneto area. It got wedged between the flywheel and the case and ended up grinding a groove into the flywheel. Pretty simple fix, but a real headscratcher until I happened to remove the flywheel and noticed the tooth sticking to it.
  8. Have you tried to push start it?
  9. Did you recover all of the pieces of the gear? Mine made its way into the crankcase and got broken into smaller pieces. Discovered it when I changed the cam chain and found a gear tooth on the magneto, along with lots of filings. Fished out all the other pieces using a small magnet and suffered no other damage.
  10. Several years ago I switched from a '95 KLX 250 to a '02 YZ250F for trail riding and the change is almost entirely positive. I added a full skid plate, kickstand and FMF Q. On the real slow sections, it's necessary to use the clutch occasionally, unlike with the KLX, but it's really nice to be able to loft the front wheel over obstacles with a blip of the throttle. The lighter weight is also nice at the end of a ride. YZ250F_Spud is right about it being kind of buzzy on fire roads, but I think it's a small price to pay.
  11. '05 YZ125. No evidence of air leaks, just never ran as cleanly as with stock.
  12. My experience also. Never could get it jetted as cleanly as the stock setup. Some folks love them. I guess Chuck Berry was right, "Goes to show you never can tell."
  13. On the post-2002 carbs, the hotstart plunger is on the top of the body, rather than on the side. So, if you have a 2002 carb, you must use the L shaped adapter that is integrated with the Dr. D cable assembly.
  14. Handlebar mounted lever, cable and fitting to replace the red knob. Works great.
  15. Dr. D used to make a hot start kit for the '01-02 models. They appear on ebay occasionally.