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  1. dirtmissle

    Thinking of going to the daRk side

    Just Hide a kill switch on it. They can always steal a bike by lifting it and throwing it in the back of a truck.
  2. dirtmissle

    XR650r: Gearing for SM

  3. dirtmissle

    stock triple clamp oversize bars??????

    I posted this the other day. The bars are way better. I'm tall too http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/2/9/192/8216/ITEM/Pro-Taper-Universal-Bar-Mount-Kit.aspx http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=807851
  4. dirtmissle

    Alter Ego

    I took the plunge and went with Motostrano's Sumo Kits containing Warp 9 wheels. I will say I'm impressed with the wheels so far as I have had no problems. I got the wheels, tires, tubes, rotor (back and front), rotor relocator bracket, and fender for 1100.00 USD. Not bad. Along with the wheels I put on Pro Taper Contour bars with their universal adapter kit. Fits great and is a huge improvement over stock. I got the Henry/Reed Bend to compensate for the universal adapters and haven't had any problems with the cables. Here are some pics. Enjoy! http://www.dropshots.com/zoom.html?large=http://media8.dropshots.com/photos/197622/20090725/b_143159.jpg http://www.dropshots.com/zoom.html?large=http://media7.dropshots.com/photos/197622/20090725/b_143140.jpg http://www.dropshots.com/zoom.html?large=http://media7.dropshots.com/photos/197622/20090725/b_143122.jpg http://www.dropshots.com/zoom.html?large=http://media7.dropshots.com/photos/197622/20090725/b_143041.jpg
  5. dirtmissle

    My personal XR/CRF hybrid

    What wheels are you running? How much to do mine? Do you have a parts list? This is definitely what I want my bike to look like.
  6. Krannie said it best! My handle is from my long ago CR days because it was.
  7. I have had both, and currently have a DS 650RR uncorked. The CR is a blast on the track but requires strength/endurance to ride. The 96 CR is the last year changed getting a better fork, the latter just BNG. For a Dual Sport it would be a handful but super fun if you can get past a little surging. CRF450's make more power across the board and are more tractable, just not as "holy $hit" type of fun. On the street, some 17's on the CR and you will be doing wheelies after every stop light.
  8. Nice CR500, I had one for five years for moto x. I looked at DSing it but realized it would be a bear (uncomfortable) on the road. The next best thing was an XR650R. It would be nice to have that ring da ding ding ding going on next to a car at a light. The last time I saw a plated 5scunion was at Rockwall, TX. Honda Dealership. It was on the showroom floor similar to the Australian model. Cudos Bro. I envy you.
  9. dirtmissle

    Tire Recommendation for Stock Street only

    I run a Avon Distanzia rear and am very happy with it. It grips great on dry and wet pavement. It also has traction in the dirt and is great for crush and run (gravel) roads. I had a hard time getting the front Avon but it is good also. I have put about 2000 miles on the tires and see little wear, and I have shredded them down some gravel roads and sand. Uncorked, jetted, piped, XR650R
  10. dirtmissle

    XR650R Dual Sport Conversion

    I put a Trick Dual Sport Kit on my 02 XR650R. Dale is a great guy who will tailor the unit for which taillight config you go with. His kit is minimal and you only have to run two wires. It didn't require any modification to the stator either. Plus it has a aux power out. I ran an Acerbis tail,turn, license combo and it was too much for the rear fender. I have recently gone with Four Strokes only replacement taillight and mounting LED turnsignals to either side. Also, I mounted the license directly to the fender since the FS only tail has a clear spot for illuminating the plate. Works great! I can rip all the trails without worrying about breaking turn signals and losing my plate. I love Dale's Kit. I have had a Trail Tech speedo for about 3years and switch it back and forth to my 250x with no problems, good unit. Another plus for the kit is that everything is behind the front headlight. Nothing to jam under the seat except wires. Hope this helps
  11. dirtmissle

    Cig power port on a XR650R?

    Call Dale at Trick Dual Sport ((661) 268-1094). His kits have an aux port and could tell you about it. Great guy to talk to.
  12. dirtmissle

    Cracked front hub!!

    My rotor took a direct hit bending it and cracking one of the bolt holes on my front hub. When I took off the rotor the other half of the bolt hole fell of. Now I only have three mounting points on my hub. I was thinking of JB welding a stud along with the cracked piece to the hub, then just using a nut to tighten it down. Anyone have luck with JB welding XR650 Hubs? Thanks Missile
  13. I've searched this forum a time or two and lurked on occasion. I just got into dualsporting this summer and spent most of my time on the Honda xr600/650 forum setting up my bike. I currently have a Tn plated xr650r and have been looking for people to ride with in and around the Clarksville Tn. area. I hate to have missed the ride at Land Between the Lakes, but I was in NC. I used to live not far from the BP gas station where a picture from that ride was taken. LBL is my stomping ground both offroading only and training with the Army. I'll now be following this forum daily when possible. Cheers! Missile
  14. dirtmissle

    Guess what I've got?

    I agree with cmpbaja. I put a kill switch on my XRR and hid it. I went down to the local Advanced Auto Parts and picked up a cheap switch. I looked the bike over and decided to hide the switch in the crossbar pad. This might seem obvious but it isn't. Just interrupt one wire that leads to the kill switch and put a switch on that wire. I cut out the foam in my crossbar pad so the switch would fit tight. I can't actuate it by pressing on the outside of the crossbar pad. You can't tell its there. It works well and has gotten me a time or two forgetting that I set it. If someone knows the bike they can steal it just by unplugging the kill switch altogether. This will stop someone from just trying to start your bike and haul a$$. My .02, please don't steal my bike now I've given up my secret. Missile
  15. dirtmissle

    XR250 Baffle

    Hey guys, I'm from over on the 650R forum. I gave my dad a 96XR250 years ago that didn't have a baffle/spark arrestor. The encroaching developments has forced my dad to need one again. Does anyone have one lying around in their garage I can buy. I appreciate any help. Missile