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    '04 DRZS Clarke tank install

    First query on my first bike: I have an '04 400S. I am installing a Clarke tank. The bike has a smog cannister with two hoses. One hose runs to a FUEL SHUT-OFF valve about a foot from the tank. There is a second hose running from this FUEL SHUT-OFF valve to a nipple on the bottom of the stock tank (this nipple is separate from the fuel valve). A diagram on the frame labels this hose as a SURGE HOSE. The diagram also indicates that this tank nipple is then internally connected to a FUEL VAPOR SEPARATOR inside the tank near the gas cap at the top. I have a few questions. Since the new Clarke tank does not have a nipple for this hose, what do I do with this hose? Could I or should I connect this hose to the Clarke tank cap?