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  1. trailordune

    Naches trail/Little Naches open?

  2. trailordune

    Naches trail/Little Naches open?

    Anyone know if the Naches trail is open from the west side? Last weekend I guess they had FS70 out of Greenwater closed for fire clean up. Looking to ride over to Little Naches tomorrow from FS70. Thanks for any info.
  3. trailordune

    4th Annual Hareport Scramble October 16th

    What time is the riders meeting Sunday? This will be my first time there can't wait!
  4. trailordune

    XCW 300 Jetting w/ SXS head

    Try the n2zj #3. I'm riding at 0-500 ft. 40 - 50 deg f. and like the 38, n2zj #3, 168 on my 09 300 w/ sxs head. The n2zw is too rich for my bike in #3. Sounds like your float height is fine. This is torquey safe jetting for me. This should help yours out a bit.
  5. trailordune

    Dirtwise Seattle

    Where was the Seattle class located? I really wanted to nab that last Friday spot but could'nt make it. Maybe the 2 day next year if he comes back.
  6. trailordune

    KTM Plate Revoke List

    Thanks Joe.
  7. trailordune

    KTM Plate Revoke List

    Joe, did they just come regular mail? Did you get a new title, reg. or any other info with the tabs?
  8. trailordune

    Autoclutch vs trials tire

    $60 Pirelli MT43. Easy to change and lasts 3 times as long as my favorite nob.
  9. trailordune

    2004 wr450f bucking in top gear @ low RPM's

    Like Don said, unplugging the TPS is the easiest solution. It takes the throttle position out of the 3d mapping. Look for the plug on the left side of the carb. You can also adjust the TPS per manual. The real fix is proper jetting w/ a JD jetting kit or other. I have an 04 that I dualsport and jetting is the key.
  10. I'm not interested in doing the yz cam mod but I'm interested as well. You are correct that the yfz guys don't need to grind down the pin but I don't understand what you mean by yz's having a shorter stroke. All 3 450s have the same bore and stroke. Anyway I have also wondered if a yfz cam would be the answer to peoples starting troubles.
  11. trailordune

    FMF Pipe

    You're not going to pass sound w/ a 4.1 but you can with the speed or powercore with the quiet core (96 db). I have the ti-powercore with powerbomb headpipe and am 96 or below w/ the quiet core and still have lots of power. Very happy w/ it. That said if I bought another FMF pipe it would be the Q. Stay quiet without the temptation of pulling the quiet core out of the other pipes. FMF pipes are very easy to repack and come w/ high quality long lasting packing from the factory. In my mind they are the best bang for the buck unless you insist on a 4.1. Stay quiet, you'll be happy you did.
  12. trailordune

    pros and cons of pivoting pegs???

    Powerpegz are no longer being made due to a lawsuit from Pivotpegz, which I just ordered a set from today. Cyclegear is their primary distributor in the US.
  13. trailordune

    Crazy idle

    Never mind, didn't read the whole post.
  14. trailordune

    Crazy idle

    Your hot start is stuck open. This happened to a friends bike too. Pull it out of the carb (14mm) and clean/lube real good. If it's really corroded you will need to replace the plunger. Be careful not to over tighten the 14mm plastic bolt, they strip easy. The open hot start plunger allows in extra air to lean out the mixture and the symptoms will sound just like a vacuum leak.
  15. trailordune

    Powerbomb question

    You will be very happy w/ the powerbomb, sx version for low end torque. I put this headpipe on for that very reason and got just what I hoped for, more chug on bottom and a stronger pull through the mid into the top. The top end definitely drops off earlier compared to the stock headpipe though.