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  1. markaria

    gave some much needed tlc to my 1984 xr80

    i have a 84 z50 im restoring right now thats also same colors...maybe one day ill get a xr 350 or xr500/600 with the same color scheme so i can park em all next to each other...:-)
  2. markaria

    XR80 Won't idle when warm. Please help!

    some suggestions: 1) ensure the pilot jet is 100% clean (did you remove jets when cleaning carb?) 2) drain/clean tank and use new gas and a new plug 3) when doing valve adjustment what did you set clearances at? (also curious did you inspect cam lobes for wear?) It seems some suggest setting valves a touch looser than factory spec... 4) looks like a newer xr80 so no points... plug wire in good condition?
  3. markaria

    First time XR owner, have?

    these forks are super simple and really you shouldnt "need" any special tools to change them out. just clean everything up well and ensure you dont ruin new seals when sliding them in (i use a little oil or grease to ensure they are lubed up prior to installing new seals). I find an impact works well to get the bolt on bottom out without the whole inside spinning...other than that = easy. I used ATF to refill, not sure what honda calls for but i find atf works well and is reasonably priced
  4. After many years(30!) of owning this little bike and it needing a little maintenance...and a little more...and me continually thinking ill get to it one day... finally i decided the day came. I gave the little xr80 some much deserved tlc....i installed new tires/tubes, rebuilt forks/seals, rebuilt carb, adjusted valves, checked timing, changed air filter, adjusted brakes/clutch/chain and did a oil change....then proceeded to look like a gorilla doing innappropriate things to a football as i rode it around the yard lol