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    No Clutch Tension after Rekluse

    Thanks everyone for the help. After much playing around with the settings on the perch adjuster, I see that that there is simply a very narrow range of tension which is consistant with the wave spring. Once the engine is running, the adjustment range and tension makes sense. I guess it just seems weird that the lever moves so far back without any tension when the cable is free. Also installed the rear brake kit and it works great. Eric
  2. mulsanne-a-be

    No Clutch Tension after Rekluse

    Hi, I'm a new 06 CRF450x owner and new to ThumperTalk. I installed the Rekluse this last week without any major problems . . . except that the clutch engagement lever has no tension in it. I was installing the perch adjuster, but since the clutch engagement lever on the motor just moves back and forth without any spring action there is nothing to pull on the clutch cable. (it does engage and disengage the clutch properly, rekluse works fine and runs as good as ever) Was there an external tension spring on there that fell off while I had the bike on its side perhaps? Did something get disconnected when I pulled the clutch? I ordered the service manual but it will be a week before it gets here. Help please!?!?! Thanks, Eric