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  1. Update on my Trail Tech nightmare, I just got my replacement flywheel today 2/20/06. They sent me the wrong one again! Not only am I pretty sure they sent me a lighted flywheel, but they sent me the wrong weight. I sent them an email to confirm this is a lighted model, but I am absolutely sure its the wrong weight. I originally ordered a +11oz and they sent me a new +7oz. I'm so very
  2. Maybe a beer or 10 is just what the doctor ordered. Maybe it is only money, I just dont have that much to throw around. Sorry if I offended any Trail Tech supporters. My thread headline was not very nice, for this I apologize. I know people will use their own judgement when buying from the aftermarket, as they should. I have only heard good things about TT, and that is why I chose to purchase their product. Please excuse my bieng "loud" I owe this site and its members a great amount of thanks for helping me determine what was wrong. I meant no offense, only to voice my particuar experience.
  3. I can fwd you a copy of our e-mails. The phone conversation is the only thing I do not have record of.
  4. The dealer is the only one willilng to help me. Honda has offered to assit me with my dealings with Trail Tech. And have worked very hard to find out what the problem was. I'm not a mechanic, is there a product on the market that you can test a flywheel with? And if you bought one brand new would you test it?
  5. I personally dont think being told I was stupid from Trail Tech was very professional. I am sure their products are great, but I am angry about the way I was treated. Maybe I am a little harsh, just dont react well to being called stupid when it was their mistake all along.
  6. Make sure you do a little research on flywheels, while they make your bike a little easier to ride in the tight stuff, some companys, Trail Tech, do not have the best track record for reliability. My 03 stalls like crazy when I get into real tight stuff, I put a heavyweight flywheel in, and has mass problems. I'm putting my oem back in, but a better rider would not have the stalling problems I do.
  7. I bought a trail tech flywheel from my local dealer, and he said trail tech told him my flywheel would handle a larger stator if I ever wanted to put one in, and until then my oem stator would work fine. I did a complete engine rebuild, and my bike would not run hot. After several weeks of my bike at the local dealer, and a lot of money, mostly in labor, in troubleshooting, my bike still did not work. I found this site and someone clued me in on the flywheel problems trail tech had. I started with e-mails to trail tech support, and eventually to phone calls. Trail tech told me they would send me a new flywheel, the right one for my bike this time, but took no responsiblility for their own error. They told me they would not pick up any of the bill from Honda, and I was stupid for not realizing the problem. I told trail tech I would not accuse them of being wrong until I was sure, and now I am. I'm putting my oem flywheel back in. I just thought anyone who was thinking of buying one of their products should know what kind of customer service I recieved, and hope no one else has this problem.
  8. Thank you for the info, I have contacted Trail Tech, and they said because my bike is not a headlight model, I got the wrong flywheel, and thats why I am having the problem.
  9. I have had the jetting done, the carburetor is fine, and the dealer is Big Valley Honda, and I have Already spent so much money there, if I take it somewhere else I am out that money.
  10. How do you know its the flywheel, what is it doing or not doing? I still have the stock flywheel, if I put it back in, will it fix the problem?
  11. I just put a new weisco 12.5:1 piston kit into my bike and a new trail tech +11oz flywheel. Now when the bike is cold it runs fine, then stalls at mid throttle, and acts like its not getting gas. I've had honda adjust my valves, clean my carburetor, change my spark plug, change my cdi box, check my gas tank breather, and check my stator. After pushing it home I brought it back to Honda for the third time. Any suggestions