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  1. jwach

    max tire size???

    I'm running the exact size of Kenda 270's you mentioned with no problem. Havn't got a lot of miles on them yet but have heard they wear better than anything else and so far they are good in the sand and dirt, but definitely a different feel on the street than the trailwings.
  2. jwach

    14/47 vs 15/44?

    I have used a 13, 14, and 15 tooth front sprocket with the stock 44 rear and stock chain with no problems. Stock 15 allows almost 100mph but first is really high - good for losts of highway riding. 14 tooth is good compromise for street and trail riding and top end is around 90mph. 13 tooth is great for trails - almost identical ratio as 14/47. Top end drops to about 80mph with 13 tooth. Wraps it up pretty good if you want to go over 60mph on higway with 13 tooth. Front sprocket changes are a cheap way to change ratios and only takes a few minutes to swap out.