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  1. Pantah598

    IMS Tank Blues

    I also heard horror stories about IMS and bad fitting etc. Therefore I was very surprised when I bought the 4.7 gal a year ago it did fit perfectly! But the finish is bad, some stickers will cover it for me. My friend who at the same time also bought one for his DRZ had big problems. So conclusion must be you never know if you are going to get a god or bad sample.
  2. Pantah598

    XR650r Stock Air Cleaner ??? Junk the K&N?

    I don’t drive in extreme dust very often. Can always use the original airfilter if there is a hot dry summer day (and they aren’t to many here ) The K/N is already ordered so trying it I will. However, if I do find dirt inside the air intake I will sure take it off and ask some serious questions to K/N. There seems to be a 50/50 in turns of people thinking they are ok or not. Strange and perhaps that is way I like to give it a go. You know I did have K/N on my XR600. After installing I find a significant change to the bike (after re-jetting). There were more horsepower indeed. But I also noticed dirt in the inlet. BUT I did not use a proper filter oil for the K/N so we can’t draw any conclusions from that. As the K/N use another technology compared to foam filters I find them hard to compare. Testing K/N will tell. If it don’t work I just put my Twinair filter in again, I’m not planning to wreck my engine…
  3. Pantah598

    XR650r Stock Air Cleaner ??? Junk the K&N?

    This is interesting. It’s like discussing engine oil. Or speaker cables. Everyone has opinions. True or false, I don’t know. But sure there are people with commercial interest on forums… Anyway, do they not run the K/N on the Baja 1000 races? If they were crap, no one would use them??? I am going for K/N to see for myself. Have no dessert where I live so it might work. Happy to report how it goes. //Jan
  4. Pantah598

    Passenger pegs?

    I tried passenger pegs on my bike. It almost cost me my relationship... Now I have a second bike for of us to ride on. ///J