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    Need new enduro 4 stroke

    Ok thanks everyone. The Husaberg 390 looks to be the pick. Will head down to my local Berg dealer this weekend. It really comes down to a trade price on the DRZ then... but if it's a rubbish trade price, with a firm $14700 ride away price... then I'll be reluctant to get it. Especially when I can get an 08 Husqvarna TE450 for $9K with less than 1500kms on it.
  2. Hi all, I have an 08 DRZ400E with about 15000kms on it. I've had it since new, and am starting to get a bit tired of it. I'm wanting a new 4 stroke enduro bike and want some advice, because some of the bikes I'm looking at I won't have much of a chance to ride before I hand over cash. I'm looking for: - Something lighter with much better handling. The DRZ is a great trail bike, but I find the suspension a bit soft (could fix this I know) and the whole bike a big sluggish. It seems to go alright in a straight line, but through corners, I'm MUCH quicker on my mate's WR250F. - And I need E start. NEED!!! I'm about 100-105kg with my gear on. Medium to hard enduro riding... love hill climbs and technical stuff. The bikes I'm looking at are: - Husqvarna TE250 - Husqvarna TE450 - Husaberg FE390 - Husaberg FE450 - KTM 250EXC-F - KTM 400EXC-F - KTM 450EXC-F You note they're all Euro bikes. I don't know why I want one, maybe because I've never had one. Add in any Jap bikes if you think they're what I want. I like the idea of fuel injection too. A lot of people will cross off the 250s straight away, and you're probably right. I think they would be a lot of fun, but when I ride my mate's WR250F, I'm constantly changing gears to keep the power up, but I still have lots of fun. Please pick a bike. My wife has allocated $10KAUD.. so anywhere up to $12-13 should be fine!! So far I think I like the 390, but $14700 ride away is the cheapest I've found.... ouch.
  3. reclinerchair

    Which bike? 400cc thumper trade off

    Thanks guys. That just confirmed what I have been thinking all along. Next question, I was thinking (to make road riding more exciting) of trying to set the bike up for motard whilst on the road. Ideally, what I would like, is to have a spare set of rims etc and swap them over when I want to do either kind of riding. This would then solve the tyre problem. So, is it possible to buy the DRZ, and make a swap possible in maybe under an hour? The rims are an obvious implication. Suspension, can the stock DRZ suspension be hardened up enough for some motard fun? Also, brakes....? Do I need a front disc the size of a dinner plate? Can the factory brakes pull me up quick enough on road tyres on the road? Otherwise, it could get expensive to change the rotors and brake fluid every swap. I am not expecting to pull off 50m long stoppies on the factory brake either ;P If anyone has done this, or has any useful information, please reply. I have spoken to Suzuki dealers, and they tell me everything just to get a bike sold, and not a whole lot of useful information. Other option, get a DRZ400SM. But would this be hard to get set up for offroad? A bit of a trade off there. Thanks again guys for your help.
  4. Hey all, Time for a new bike, just sold the 636 Ninja in a search for some off road fun too. I want the bike to... a) commute to work (5kms a day) ride bush on weekends and c) handle the occasional 50km - 100km highway ride to some favourite tracks and riding spots. I like the WR's a lot, but maintenance on the amount of k's I wanna do will be a pain in the ass. DRZ or XR 400 would be better to maintain I pressume? (and KLX, are they identical to the DRZ?). Is there anything else in the class? I've heard of people getting 10,000kms on a 525exc, but that's not really what they are meant for though? A TTR600 also crossed my mind, but are they a pig in the bush, or tight trails? Any help appreciated! I know I'm asking a lot from a bike, but there must be a close solution. And I've got my RM250 for any motocross cravings ;P