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  1. clane-va

    Carb problems

    I found it, I think... It was on a different diagram... Had the same situation with one of my Suzukis... Looks like Part Number 5JG-14293-01-00
  2. clane-va

    Help! WR250F won't start

    Thank you! good stuff.... At least I'm learning quite a bit about my carb... I plan to disassemble it again tonight to try to locate the problem.
  3. clane-va

    Help! WR250F won't start

    Well, I played with it a little more... Pilot screw is 2 turns out, played with that some, couldn't tell a difference. I tried changing the idle as well - screwed all the way in (to the right), backed out in small increments until I got to 3 1/2 turns, couldn't get it to idle. I could get the bike to run a little by manually controlling the choke. Tells me that I definitely have a carb problem, but I swear I went by the service manual to remove the carb and checked all of the jets. I'm still at a loss... The only thing I didn't do, that I probably should have done is disassemble the throttle valve and clean it a little better. I didn't actually remove that part. I inspected it, sprayed it with carb cleaner, and checked it for proper movement, but I didn't take it out.
  4. clane-va

    Help! WR250F won't start

    Yes, gas is on. Yeah, I left out the fresh gas part... There was very little left over from my last ride, put new gas in just before removed the carb to clean it. And, I did remove all jets, squirted with carb cleaner, and blew out. Could see through it when I was done.
  5. My 2003 WR250F has been sitting since Christmas, or somewhere around there... Now, it won't start. What I've done so far: .5 - changed oil... I didn't do this to solve the problem, I need to do it anyway, but I thought it might be pertinent to list all changes I have made to the bike in the last few days. 1. New spark plug - and I am getting spark. 2. Clean Air Filter - Twin-Air reusable, sprayed it good with solvent, rinsed in cold water, let it dry... re-oiled 3. Clean carb - took the carb off tonight, drained the bowl, inspected moving parts and cleaned fairly thoroughly with carb cleaner. Still wouldn't start - 4. Removed air filter as I knew I was getting spark and fuel. Still nothing... The bike will kinda start with the choke open, but it doesn't run very long, and it would miss and backfire quite a bit when doing so... Ran very rough. Jetting has not changed since I bought the bike last year, and it was running fine. I'm not a very experienced mechanic, and I'm hoping I missed something easy and that this will be a learning experience... Any ideas?
  6. clane-va

    Graphics for TTR 125

    xgxracing.com has some awesome graphics sets for the TTR, if you want something different from the norm.