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  1. i don't have one on my DR (49 state model) but my sp600 is a cali model and it does. It is a black rectangle box with hoses coming out the top and going to the bottom side of the gas tank and to the carb. It sets back and left of the carb.
  2. Thanks! but this a 49 state bike and it doesn't have a charcoal canister.
  3. I have been trying to figure this out for quite awhile. I done posts (look me up sdeiter544 for more back ground) I've been on the phone with Jesse for hours. He even sent me some electrical part to borrow to help eliminate them. THANKS JESSE! I think my problem is heat related. This bike, at lease to me seems to run really hot. This is a long story but I will try to shorten it! You start the bike no problem! Take off and about 5 minutes into the ride it starts surging and then starts bogging and popping through the exhaust. You can fight it for a bit but then bogs out. Feels and sounds like you are turning the key off and on (Electrical)?. I pull over and wait 30-60 sec. ( It has spark the whole time.) It starts back up (FUEL)? It goes for a bit and does it again. From then on the intervals get closer and closer (Heat?). Now saying all that I've cleaned the carb( the Suzuki deal and Me ) the Bike is a 1999 w/ 1300 miles on it! The gas tank is new and vented correctly, the bike has a new Battery, the shop put a new stater, pickup coil and source coil( I don't know why they were installed. Happened before I got the bike, wouldn't start when I was buying it so the company sent it to the dealer($920.00 dollars ). I put clear lines on the fuel and 1/4 inch line on the bottom of the bowl to make a water type level so I could watch the bowl level as well. I Put a lighting deal between the spark plug and the coil wire( so I can watch the spark while it's acting up) the lite is steady even while bogging and dying. HELP ME! This bike look great I wish I could take it on a ride and get back home Thanks Guys SDEITER544
  4. I have a 99 Dr. I too would like to know if any one has hit the motor and the exhaust with a temp gun. If I start my bike and rev it up a little in the garage the header pipe starts to glow. It doesn't take long. Is this right? I put the gun on it and after a couple of minutes its a 1000 degrees. the barrel is about 250-300 and the lower cases are about 200-250. If I pull the plug it's tan and looks good. I have the DJ stage II w/ the 160 main in it. I also cut the top of the box out per Jesse but still has the stock exhaust Any suggestions would be appreciated. Ya and how long are you a newbie?
  5. temecula ca.
  6. the carb was rebulit a the Suzuki dealer (from sitting) and a new pickup coil was install. thanks sdeiter544
  7. does the DR650 have any kind of heat safety switch. Like if the motor gets to hot it will shut it self down? Grabbing a straws!
  8. Hey Guys! tried all your suggestion and it is still doing it. The thing just boggs down and when i pull in the clutch the engine stops. I pull over and let it set a minute and it starts back up. I know that sounds like fuel. The last time it did it I pulled of the fuel line and opened the valve on the carb bowl and it had gas in it?. It doesn't seem to do it when i go short distances.When I go on longer ride it starts with small jugs and then it gets worse and then it stops. I pull over and and try to start it right away and no luck, wait alittle bit and it starts? From then on the intervals are closer together. Please Help with 1200 miles on it I"m stumped
  9. I have a 1999 and it has 1200 miles on it . It had been sitting for a long while. The same thing happen to me exactly. I drained the crank case of the oil and Gas mix and Refilled the oil. It hasn't done it sense?
  10. thanks for the insight
  11. on my bike 3:00 and 9:00 produce no fuel. Maybe on prime the tank vents through that carb vacuum line. I just got the bike and the gascap isn't vented because it is one off of a Cal State bike and this one is a 49 state Thanks Steve
  12. i know this sound stupid but just bought 1999 DR 650. The petcock operation is on at 6:00 (down) and off at 3:00 and 6:00 is the correct? Thanks
  13. yes all new and clean thanks
  14. Thanks for the input The bike is almost new yes it is a 1999 but only has 1200 miles the tank is new and the carb was rebuilt by suzuki dealer. But I have have some thoughts When I got the bike the Gas cap was missing. I have 49 state bike. I also have 1985 suzuki SP600 and the cap was the same. My SP in a california Bike and it has the canister on it so i would assume the cap isn't vented and that is the problem. I"ll take is apart and pull the plugs out of it and I"ll let you"ll know what happens thanks
  15. As discussed earlier by another member my bike was running fine and it just started bogging out. I pull over and it start right back up.It did this several time on this cruise, I didn't think I was going to make it home. The charging system in fine and I had plenty of fuel. I have a 49 state bike and it has no Charcoal Canister so the tank being filled to much shouldn't be a issue. The other post said they had a venting problem, I don't. The bike is a 1999 Suzuki DR650 SE with 1,200 miles yes 1200 miles on it so it's almost new! After it bogs out sometime it will pick back up after a pop like the Ignition had been shut off. Will a coil do this? Remember it is almost new? Any Help or suggestions would be appreciated. sdeiter544