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  1. PS-I´m looking at the Kawasaki and Suzuki 650s OK, Silver. Good point. Eric (I´m taking that radiator crap out of my car. It´s a pain in the *ss)
  2. Sorry for Newbie harrasment but SEARCH function is down I understand that the Liquid Cooled engine can be made/set to closer tolerances, and that there is less to maintain/break on the Air Cooled engine. But will I get as much life out of the Air Cooled with proper use/maintenance? Thanks for your liquid cooled patience, Eric
  3. ea1958

    Air vs. Water Cooled

    OK, I´m a pure devotee of the keep-it-simple school of thought so I´m now leaning toward air-cooled (and will look at the Suzuki with equal interest). AND, it sounds like you are all saying that the air-cooled can take the heat... that the engine can last just as long, yes???
  4. I´m looking at getting a Kawasaki KLR 650; mostly for commuting but I live 2.5 miles off the paved road. I´m thinking water-cooled, but really don´t know much about the advantages/disadvatages. Any comments? Or any recent threads that someone could direct me to? Thanks, Eric