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  1. Ok, I can understand going leaner after the big bore kit. My problem is still on the long runs up hill. the thing will run extremely well then all of sudden starts to bog down, totally lays over. Does this sound like float level? I am thinking that now that I have the big bore kit and it is using more fuel, it is draining the bowl faster than it can replensih on the uphills. Maybe it was borderline before the big bore kit?
  2. I am posting here instead of the LTZ becuase there are 10X's the viewers, and I need a quick answer. I have an '04 LTZ, hot cams, full pipe, rev box, 470 kit and Edelbrock carb. For the last year, my bike has ran flawlesly. Then I installed the 470 kit, richened it up a few turns, runs great with the exception when climbing long hills at the dunes, it pull 2/3-3/4 of the way up, then lays down real hard. My thinking is the float level is too low? I would like to fix the problem here in the garage, and not in the sand. Your thoughts, and is there a predetmined float level for this carb? Thanks