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  1. mangobob

    Not Running Right

    Ok, hoping someone has experienced this problem before. I have a 2006 SMR 450. The bike is not running right. It feels like it is tied down to something? Way down on power and when shifting gears sounds and feels like it wants to die? Problem feels like it is coming from the clutch. I have a slipper clutch that I have not had any issues with. On a straight the bike pulls, but feels under big load and is not fast at all. Let me know..... Thanks
  2. mangobob

    How old are you and what Huskys...

    39.....Got my first Husky at 37. 2006 SMR 450 and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. mangobob

    decision time, tires

    conti's are good
  4. mangobob

    sm tire thread?

    I have a 450smr, when I am on the track i run dulop slicks, but on the street my first set of tires were Bridgestones supermoto tires and they were great. Just put on a pair of the continentals conti force. It is designed for supermoto bikes and i have to be honest I am really really impressed. First ride on them pushed really hard and the grip was fantastic, good feedback and very predictable with better bump absorption than the stones.
  5. mangobob

    Looking for SMR wheels for TC450

    Try dupermotojunkie.supermotojunkie.com