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    01 LC4 640

    MrSmooth refers to the 640 LC4 stating that, "It is heavy and soft sprung just like the DRZs and XR's." I'd like to add that while it's true that the suspension on the LC4 isn't as firm as the KTM pure dirt bikes (the LC4 is a dual-sport and not supposed to have a rock-hard suspension) however it IS firmer/superior to the DRZ's and XR's. Also, regarding MrSmooth's statement that the 640 LC4 "is heavy...just like the DRZ's and XR's", that's simply not true. Check the specs on the weights of the 3 mentioned bikes (640 LC4, DRZ's, and XR's) and you'll find the KTM 640 LC4 at 299 lbs to be the lightweight champion of the dual-sports by far! It is unarguably THE BEST dual-sport bike out there on the roads and trails. Whether you need to cruise 80 mph down the freeway (punch it from there and it will very quickly hit its top speed of 100 mph if you want it to), or want some off-road fun-time the KTM 640 LC4 can and will "Git 'er done", and do it better than any other bike in it's class. With this bike the compromise on either end of the spectrum -street or trail- is much less than you'll find with the weightier and less nimble DRZ's and XR's. For a dual-sport machine the KTM 640 LC4 at only 299 lbs is a genuine lightweight champion!! -Randy (owner of an orange/black 2001 KTM 640 LC4 enduro and an ivory 2000 BMW R1200 C cruiser)