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  1. 250XMom

    What Do You Drive?

    I drive an 04 Chevy Crew Cab with the 8.1 and Allison tranny. Of course I work out of my home so it doesn't get many miles. We bought it to tow our toybox trailer. I LOVE it. It was a little hard to learn how to park!! My hubby has an 05 Toyota Camry and I actually really like driving that car. I do agree with the Lady with the full size Bronco. I had a cherry 96' with the 350 motor 4x4. I had to sell it becuase it couldn't tow the trailer. I still miss that thing!!!! As for my dream car I would love an H1. Rod Hall from Team Hummer let me drive his on a media relations trip in Nevada and they are COOL!!! I could probably never afford one.
  2. 250XMom

    KTM 105 SX for petite wife?

    WOW! This is the first time I have been to the Women's forum and I am surprised at the amount of women that ride smaller bikes. I wouldn't choose such a small bike even if the woman is petite. My thinking behind that is the suspension on the smaller bikes can't be on the same leve as the bigger bikes. we do a lot of desert riding and after a couple of miles of deep whoops you NEED good suspension. I guess suspension is not as much an issue in the woods. I am not sure, I have never done any woods riding. I started out on an XR200. Which was a little heavy but short enough to make me feel confident. I am 5'2" and 160 - not a small girl. For my 36th birthday my husband bought me an 04 CRF250X. I think it is the PERFECT womans bike. Since I am only 5'2" I had to have the seat shaved and about $500 in suspension work done. But I LOVE THE BIKE. The suspension is AWESOME. The power is even and consistant. And best of all it is lighter than my old XR200. Plus you can't beat the magic button. I took the Bike to Precision Concepts in El Cajon, CA for the suspension work. I have no idea what they did to it but it is GREAT. Call Mark at 619-593-7473 and ask him what he did to lower ORBA Meg's bike. He will remember. I have sent many women to his shop. Did I see in an earlier post that someone suggested a KTM 200 exc. My 12 year rides that bike (he is 5'3" and 140 lbs) and I would not suggest that bike. I rode his once and had a hard time keeping the front wheel on the ground. It's nasty little ill-tempered thing. I almost immediatly bought him a steering stabilizer for it. It still is not a fun bike for me to ride!!! Good luck with whatever bike you get your wife. I am sure she will appreciate the research you are doing to get her a bike she is comfortable with and that is what is most important.
  3. 250XMom

    need to get district license for so-cal

    I think that San Diego and Imperial Counties are in D38 and Riverside, Orange and San Bernardino are in D37. I have no idea what CMC stands for but, If you tell me I can call a friend who is a member of AMA congress and find out for you-hopefully?
  4. Have you thought about a Yamaha TTR125. They have a version with smaller tires and one with larger tires. I would try and pick one up used. I am not a big Yamaha fan but my son rode the CRAP out of that bike and we NEVER had a problem with it. I also made, and still do make, my son kick a bike. I guess I am just old school. When I learned to ride a quad my boyfriend said "if you can't start it you can't ride it!!!".Everyone should learn to kick a bike, batteries can go dead! My son went 2 seasons on a JR50, then 2 years on an XR70, then 3 years on the TTR125. Although, we probably kept him on the 70 a year too long. Buying a new bike every two seasons gets expensive. I feel your pain. Good Luck.
  5. Just my opinion but, I think you should have turned them in to security. I am so sick and tired of the "Bad Element" in our sport giving the rest of us a black eye. Hopefully there were no first timers sitting around you that thought this type of behavior was the norm for a Supercross.