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  1. ATK in RC

    I wonder if this hitch is string enough

    I have that same carrier. I put 2 bikes on it, a 600 and a 230. It sags a bit and will scrape on driveways and inclines. You need tobe sure your vehicle can handle 500-600 lbs at the reciever.
  2. ATK in RC

    atk 605 timing question/hard starting

    Thanks, the valves are at 005. I took it out today and needed a tow to start. after that it started great all day. At the ATK forum they said to check for a dent in the slide.
  3. ATK in RC

    new clutch replacement atk

    I replaced mine on a 605 and had a thick plate too. it goes in a certain position either first or last. Keith at ADB sold me my set.
  4. ATK in RC

    atk 605 timing question/hard starting

    I have a 98 ATK 605 that I have had since 2003. It has a Big Gun exhaust with the quiet core that works great. lately the bike will not start when cold. I usually need a tow to get it going. After that it starts great. It will start every time with starting fluid sprayed on the filter. I adjusted the valves (they were very tight) and took apart the Delorto 40 PHM. I run a 65 pilot and 188 main as recommended by Keith at ADB about 3 years ago. I also went through the choke as this has given me problems in the past. Anyway according to the manual there are 2 timing marks on the upper timing pulley, I have a groove and a white mark next to it. Am I understanding correctly that the grooves on the 2 pulleys should line up exactly? (Both currently line up.)