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  1. cracker1

    baja 2013 info?

    Welcome Everyone to the Biggest SH@T Show in Offroad racing history LMFAO !!!!
  2. cracker1

    Robbed at Gun Point Baja 500

    That is Exactly all im trying to say. And again I'm not here to bash (right now) SCORE. "WE" Felt that it was a great disservice to everyone involved with the race by them blowing us off "Completly" when we first tried to report to them what had happen. That's it !! "We" felt that maybe it would have been nice for them to just inform people as to what had just happen a couple hours before so that other competitors could at least keep there eyes open and watch out for not only themselves but possibly the stolen bike. All I know is that if this happen to someone else I would have really liked to know about it.
  3. cracker1

    Robbed at Gun Point Baja 500

    Here's the guys full name. I just got the Info. Jose Alfredo Lopez villalva "Freddy" as he is called. And he was part of the 15X team not 5X.
  4. cracker1

    Robbed at Gun Point Baja 500

    What we expected is 5 minutes of there precious time to just explain what had happen and how about just having a voice of any type to speak to the police for this card carrying member of SCORE and competitor. How about protecting there investment being there entire livelihood depends on these same members and competitors. He didn't go in there expecting them to cut a check for a new bike on the spot. He expected some support of any kind to maybe just maybe help the next guy with the knowledge of what happen. To maybe give these riders and chase drivers the information as to what happen and maybe what kinds of things to watch out for. I know of course we are not the "precious" trophy truck drivers and honestly I see motorcycles being pushed right out of SCORE with the way things are being run now. Mark my words Things are a changin for us bikers. We are nothing but objects in the way of the "Real Baja racers" LOL LOL !!! Just look at the Debacle at this 500 putting the entire sportsman bikes and quads in front of some of the hardest working and greatest offroad racers of our generation. I personally had to catch and pass 9 sportsman motorcycles and 2 quads. But don't let me get off the subject. I am not here to bash SCORE, I am here to support my good friend and to inform the same people that go down to Baja every weekend and put there lives on the line not only racing but fun rides as well. I felt like everyone should know what happen. I know one thing and that is I will never look at theses situations the same ever again.
  5. cracker1

    Robbed at Gun Point Baja 500

    I felt that it was very important to get this information out as soon as possible after getting home today from the Baja 500. I brought this information to someone that I felt could have posted this to every offroad website there there was on the day that it happen but I was very sad to see that not a single word was posted ANYWHERE. So here goes, I was privileged to be part of not just one but 2 winning teams for the first time by winning class 30 on 349X and also Class 40 on 402X. So One of my 40 Class teammates Mike Baxter from Carson city NV was pre running the start from Ensenada on thurs aprox 10:00 am when at about RM10 is came across and "Downed rider" Or so he though with his bike laying in the middle of the course and the hunched over clutching his stomach. As he pulled up he asked the guy if he was ok and the guy muttered something in Spanish like he was in pain. So he asked again and this time he pulled up a Black .45 handgun and pointed it 10 inches from his face and said "Give me your bike right now or ill shoot you". As Mike was literally about to take this POS gun out of his hands and beat the life out of him another guy jumped from the bushes on his left and then another from behind. Sadly he had to give up his 450X. Before I forget I want to truly thank Kyle Abney because he not only stopped and rode Mike out or harms way but he drove mike to two different Police stations and stayed with his for over 4Hrs of Hell.. Without going into all the other details and how we figured this out let me say that the police have been Outstanding since minute one taking this very very serious. They found out that this guy not only races SCORE races but was entered in what we understood was team 5X. They call Him "Freddy" and he was the suspect in the robbery of as I understand it a Canadian rider at last years 500.. As of right ow they said that the police know everything about this POS including his home and his mothers home and as far as the police say he is on the run. He was positively identified by Mike in some arrest photos they had of the guy. He rides a Honda 450X with "Monster stickers" on the graphics. He also has a black helmet of some kind. That is all the info I have as of right now. We of course took this info straight to Oscar the Attorney for SCORE and we were blown off like we were a second class citizen. We sent off emails with No response and finally after a few more phone calls we had to go down the the convention center and practically Corner Roger Norman. So after a lengthy discussion Mike was basically told to Pack sand and there was NOTHING that they could do about it and or would do about it and "thanks for coming" but don't let the door hit you in the ass. So I just wanted to let everyone know that this kind of thing is serious and we are really hoping they find this POS and we find the bike.
  6. cracker1

    Baja Auto Insurance, any recommendations?

    DO NOT EVER !!!! Buy "Instant mex ins" (recommended by SCORE LoL !!" I promise you that if and when you have a claim you will be Ripped off so bad you will not believe it. Let me tell you from From the horses mouth they have some "Small print" that you won't be happy about. I posted on this subject before after my ordeal. Baja Bound is the ONLY place that gets my business or Anyone I possibly know. NO BUENO Instant Mex.
  7. cracker1

    - Too Early Yet?

    Our Team is not a Secret At All. It is in fact Myself, Brabec, Espo, Crawford and the Legend Jim Oneal !. I will tell you that in Fact Jim WILL be racing on course and he will have at least 30 plus miles. Yes I know some of you are not big fans of Jim and how he's obtained a few of his championships but for those of you that don't know, every single time "I have been involved" in one of his teams I have asked for him to race and contribute good or bad, slow or fast to the team during the race. Please remember that that man is over 60 years old and has supported racing in Baja for many years before most of us were even born or even a itch in your daddy's pants. I am not a fan of the 10 foot start and then your done type of thing and it wil not happen if I am involved with the team. So WIN or LOSE Jim will be out there Racing with everyone else and doing what he can to help our team I promise you. We have a incredible team with lots of experience, Speed and maturity and we can guarantee we will make it a race for not just a simple class win but the podium as ALWAYS !!!!!. Oh and FYI Francisco's Nickname is None of the obove.... It is "The Tortuga" !!. See ya down there boys good luck and be safe
  8. cracker1

    - Too Early Yet?

    I heard Jim Oneal has a somewhat ok team in class 21 lol !!!
  9. cracker1

    2012 San Felipe 250! Are you ready.

    Ok well I can tell you 2 things and that is that THR defiantly did Espo DIRTY Big time and I know exactly what his plans are for SF and its gonna be AWESOME !!!!! And I will be by his side helping him the whole way !!!! Viva la Mexico my amigos !!!!
  10. cracker1

    Trail Tech Voyager GPS in Baja

    LOL !!! By the way I didn't jump ship. My other 300X team grenaded without funding. And the Tequila was awesome. Hows that leg Robby Kenievel
  11. cracker1

    Trail Tech Voyager GPS in Baja

    pre ran with one and raced with one, worked awesome. 1st class 30, 5th overall and another Champioship. big thanks to Justin at trailtech for helping me sort it out. Myers
  12. cracker1

    Mexican Ins SCAM ?

    well i can tell you that i will never buy from Instant again and i hope no one else buys from them again either. without a doubt the most unprofessional people ive ever dealt with. I just bought a Bajabound policy and it looks awesome and it was a great deal. i will use them from now on.
  13. cracker1

    Mexican Ins SCAM ?

    Ok i just wanted to share my experience that i just went through with "insant mexico ins". I will not say that this is not my fault because in all the years ive been racing in mexico i have never really read the "fine print" on my policies but never the less here is what happen to me. Ive have Almost always either stopped by or went online to the SCORE recomended instant mex ins at the border and purchased my poilicies. so without going into a long story, i was down in Ensanada on a family fun trip and our 09 Ford Expedition was run into in the parking lot of our hotel sometime in the middle of the night. Called the adjuster and he was there right away which was great and off we go. Heres where the nightmare begins trying to deal with thier office in TJ. after literally faxing my estimates that i got back here in the states 15 times because they "didnt get it", it finaly got to them. After about a month and a half of promised return phone calls and or emails which i received "0" i finaly got a reply. so here is where it gets fishy and this is where i should have read the fine print. The first settlement they sent was descent but even after the $500 deductable it was going to cost me another $500 out of pocket which i finalt accepted after trying to work it out to no avail. Then they send me another settlemnt offer because they supposidly messed up on the "labor cost" and now instead them paying $36 per hour for labor now thier only paying $10 per hour because that is the going rate in TJ. so when i pushed then to pay me the original settlement that i had in writing and we both agreed to, they said Pack sand and you will except it at the $10 per hour or nothing at all. So to make a long story longer this deal ended up costing me $1500.00 of the $2200.00 estimate after the $500.00 deductable and that is the deal on that. So let me just say that if you dont pay attention to the fine print of how they pay for damages then you might want to start. the only other insurance ive ever dealt with that was beyond legit was GNP and they were awesome. i purchased it directly through AAA and they are for real.
  14. cracker1

    Rear Tire for Baja??????

    Very true it is a tad on the big side.....But !! If u take a nice razor knife and cut a nice 45 degrees off of the inside "chain side" knobs it will make a 100% difference on a 450. But I will say that big ole meat hooks up and tracks so good on the fast roads. Only a Dunlop 739AT "works" better but Dunlop is only rated for lower speeds and will be completely useless in a 100 good miles, exspecially on the beach lol !! Maybe 50 miles if ur slow.
  15. cracker1

    Rear Tire for Baja??????

    The Bridgestone ED78 Gritty is the single best all around longest lasting tire on Gods green earth. its not the best at hooking up in any particular area but it works very well and unless you are a downright Baja Bad ass of some kind it will not make any differance at all. the bottom line is will it last and the answer is HELL YES !!!!!.