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  1. jiffers

    wanted xr400 clutch cover

    need all side casing including clutch cover for my quad as I'm now running a 8 plate clutch kit and to check or replace it i need to take the whole side casing off unlike the xr where you just remove the plate. also i have a 440 barrel and piston only used a couple of times and a trx400ex crank and rod in excellent condition so you can convert your kick start monster to run the quad electric start for sale i'm in the uk
  2. jiffers

    EFM autoclutch

    well they returned my e-mail this is their answer. Jeff: We dont make them for any xr's. Sorry maybe try rekluse or revloc THanks for the interest Garry EFM INC www.efmautoclutch.com so what auto clutches you lot useing they dont seem to make them????????? jiffers
  3. jiffers

    hrc camshaft

    ahh so i may have a hrc cam when i briught the bike i was told it had a stage 1 cam and i have now put a 452cc stroker kit on it and was advised to run a hrc cam. are there any marking on the cam ie part number jiff
  4. jiffers

    who races in england ??

    Ashdown Farm is an exellent place old school mx track
  5. jiffers

    EFM autoclutch

    i found their site but thought it was a bit vague and wondered if anyone else sold their stuff but i have now e-mailed them thanks anyway
  6. jiffers

    EFM autoclutch

    can someone give me a web address where i can buy one of these for a 400 jiffers
  7. jiffers

    hrc camshaft

    does the hrc cam for the xr400 utilize the decompression ring and plunger or is it like the hot cam's does not use it jiff