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  1. MaynardF16

    2007 WR450 Valve Check Results?

    O7 WR450 with 600 miles on it. Intakes all at .10mm, one exhaust at .20mm and one at ~.19mm (out of spec). Time to adjust the valves for the first and hopefully last time. Maynard WR450 07
  2. MaynardF16

    07' wr450 valve adj. tips and tricks?

    I have an 07 WR450 with 600 miles on it. I checked the valves last week and the intakes were right on the lower limit. One exhaust was on the lower limit and the other was .19mm (just under the limit). Is this normal? My buddies who ride CRF450s have a hot cams shim kit out at the desert where the bike is stored. Will these shims work? Thanks in advance Maynard WR450 07
  3. MaynardF16

    07 wr450 fork seal replacement

    Thanks for the link. I found what I was looking for. It is too bad they don't let you print the sections you need. To answer my questions: 1) Yes the FAQ section will work. 2) The height is 132mm. Thanks again Maynard 07 WR450 03 WR250 06 TTR90
  4. My WR450 blew a fork seal on the third ride and I need to replace it. I have a small dent (learining curve moving from a 250 to a 450) in the lower tube that may be causing it to leak. I have the forks here but the owners manual is out in the desert with the rest of the bike. Two questions: 1) Does the 07 WR450 shock disaasemble like the one in the FAQ? I rebuilt my 03 WR250 fork using that without any problems. 2) What is the oil height/quantity for the 07? Tried searching but nothing came up. Thanks in advance. Maynard 07 WR450 03 WR250 06 TTR90
  5. MaynardF16

    07 WR450 - Need Bigger Tank!

    I bought mine from them. The owner is a very nice guy. Personally delivered my tank as I was driving to the desert. Now if I could just find time to install it! Maynard
  6. MaynardF16

    moving from 250 to 450. will I regret it?

    I just bought a 2007 WR450 to replace my 2003 WR250. After a few rough learning experiences, I have a permanent smile. When I changed the oil on my 250 so I could sell it, I got on it to warm it up. WOW, the 250 I was completely happy with was suddenly a dog. Upgrade, you'll be happy. Maynard
  7. MaynardF16

    My New Gps..................

    Amazon has it for $65. It would be the TOPO map. Maynard WR250
  8. MaynardF16

    fork seal drivers

    I used a PVC 4 way connector. Cut it in half and hold the top together while you pound on the two portions that stick out. Works good and its only about $1.50 from Home Depot.
  9. MaynardF16

    Maxima Fork oil question

    I just did my 03 WR250 forks with Maxima. After researching it, Maxima 5wt racing 85-150 was the closest to Yamaha Fork Oil 01. Don't know how they feel yet, I'm trying them out this weekend.
  10. MaynardF16

    Reputable SoCal Dealers

    I've bought a TTR90 and Suzuki quad from OTD Cycles. No BS and the best prices with absolutely no hassle. Every other sales guy just tried to rip me off.
  11. MaynardF16

    Pickup truck gas mileage

    2000 Nissan Crew Cab V6 3.3L Manual Transmission 17 City 20 Highway (75mph).
  12. MaynardF16

    TTR90 Throttle sticking a little

    I'll second the Moose Mini Guards and the Cycra shields. The kids experienced sand for the first time. Needless to say it hit the ground a few times but kept on going.
  13. MaynardF16

    Fork Oil Frustration

    Putting new fork seals in my 03 WR250 and changing the fork oil. The manual recommends Yamaha Fork Oil "01". Which, after I found it at the dealer, was $24 a quart (it takes two). I thought this was way too high since Maxima is about $10 a quart. I'll take any recomendations on what you guys use. Thanks
  14. MaynardF16

    Southern California desert weather

    Was there this weekend. Saturday High 80's with very light breeze. Cooled off to sweatshirt weather at night. Today, Sunday was around 90 and very light breeze. Very nice riding weather. It wasn't very crowded either.
  15. MaynardF16

    Is the TTR90 good for a 7-1/2 to 8 yr old?

    I agree with Ovrrdrive. I bought a TTR90 a few months ago for my daughters, 8 and 10. I specifically chose this for the estart. They love the bike and are having a lot of fun with it. When it was delivered, Yamaha had a back order on the batteries. So the first few times, there was no estart. Being completely new to motorcycles, my daughters did not have the balance or the weight to even get close to being able to kick start it. I had to do all the kick starting PITA. They have so much to learn, being new to riding 2 wheel machines, that kickstarting isn't high on my list of importance. We have the battery now and all is well. If they decide to get more aggressive, they will obviously have to learn how to kickstart a higher performance bike. But right now, they just want to have fun.