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  1. sumterminel is andrew, I was saying that he said the jumps are small, i think they look like fun
  2. anything bad happen today?
  3. fine go roght ahead. He knows. You dont. He hasnt seen me ride but he knows from my friends. Ok??? Hes camping now. Ill get back to u when hes back
  4. You Know Nothing About My Life!! Have U Ever Seen Me Ride No!! Have U Ever Even Cared? No!!!!!!!!! So Back Off Broc!!! U Have No Clue Of Anything About Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Ok just stop it!! Because I do ride and u know nothing about me Broc!!! NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Ouch!!! I know the feeling trust me. Broke my arm riding.
  7. nice pics. looks like fun :-)