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  1. tt-r125l

    2003 sx 125

    I am wondering if it is goin to crap out on me after a few hard rides because i go through rocks and mud too
  2. tt-r125l

    2003 sx 125

  3. tt-r125l

    2003 sx 125

    Hey everybody, I am looking at a 2003 sx 125 and i was wondering because i usually ride up in the mountains and trails but i do race around the track once in a while. Im wondering if the bike is a strong bike or should i look at a different one. thank you guys for any help what so ever thanks Tyler.
  4. My dad said he wants to unleash it some more. I was wondering too, if anything about the exhaust is changed from 05 to 06?Thanks for any help and i will talk to you guys soon. tyler
  5. tt-r125l

    xr 175 ?

    I was wondering and is there a honda xr 175?
  6. tt-r125l

    What should I get?

    I just started riding about a year ago in Windrock,Tn it is mostly woods rocks gravel roads and more. I have a TT-R 125 LE and I weight 150+. I want a bike with more power and I was looking at the WR-250f and the YZ250F and i was wondering what bike would be more the bike I want for up in the mountains trail riding. Thanks, Tyler
  7. tt-r125l

    02 xr250 front spring noise??

    Is there any difference between xr250r and crf250x
  8. would a bbr cam shaft work on the powroll 150 kit work for my ttr 125
  9. HI, im new on thumper talk and i am purchasing a powroll 150 kit and i was wondering if u have to put a bigger carb. I was also looking at the bbr 150 and which of the two would give me the most power gain? thanks, tyler