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  1. hampeggotty

    MX and SX on tv today.

    I was at the race last night - this was the most exciting, nail biting SX 450 race in a long time !!! Ricky, James and Chad.. ALL did heroic things ( as did others back in the pack just to get in the main show).. wow! don't miss the coverage.. hopefully speed will do a longer show of SF SX !
  2. hampeggotty

    Old Guys

    this is now reminding me of Monty Python ( perhaps intentionally) when one man ( Graham Chapman as King Arthur and Eric Idle as Dennis). can't remember, I'm old now) says: King Arthur: Old woman. Dennis: Man. King Arthur: Man, sorry. What knight lives in that castle over there? Dennis: I'm 37. King Arthur: What? Dennis: I'm 37. I'm not old. King Arthur: Well I can't just call you "man". Dennis: Well you could say "Dennis". King Arthur: I didn't know you were called Dennis. Dennis: Well you didn't bother to find out did you? King Arthur: I did say sorry about the "old woman", but from behind you looked... Dennis: What I object to is you automatically treat me like an inferior. King Arthur: Well I am king. Dennis: Oh, king eh? Very nice. And how'd you get that, eh? By exploiting the workers. By hanging on to outdated imperialist dogma which perpetuates the economic and social differences in our society. story of my life.. i'd rather be ridin'! ( 42 yrs old).. -kevin
  3. I am interested in selling my dirt bike and have posted an ad. I have had excellent "viewership" but not much interest (OK, it's only been a short amount of time..) - even with lots of extras and a bike that is w/in a hair's breath of brand-new. Would love feedback on whether TT is the place to sell or should I just throw in my lot with ebay to sell. If this is a bad use of the forum - apologies all around! H
  4. hampeggotty

    bubba vs. RC

    it seems like a tale of the "professor" (Ricky) vs the "prodigy" (JS). Ricky is super talented and cerebral and studies the way to win. James is out there with an amazing wealth of talent and builds on that base with the confidence of his speed and the wins he has amassed this season on the Kaw 450. I think the same things will apply outdoors but the momentum may be with JS. They are both amazing riders. I sort of feel for Chad as he is, while in the top three, on a whole level lower than those two in terms of skill and ability. -And will only be a player if they both are out with injuries. Kevin
  5. hampeggotty

    Anyone from the Bay Area?

    I've been to Carnegie and it's like concrete but good for practice .. any other suggestions ( i can go on weekdays) for a newbie grommet on his 4 stroke YZF red sticker ? Cheers, KEvin
  6. hampeggotty

    SIDI, Gaerne, or A-stars?

    I have the A-star A6's - i am a newbie. These fit my foot best ( size 14 !!) and while I would wish for a bit of a lighter boot, they seem to really work great. The sidi's are excellent and I own road race sidi's and road bicycle sidi's as well.. My advice, get the one that fits best, enables you to grip/move on the peg, shift and break well and offers solid protection. None of the 3 you mention will be bad. Now get out, get some boots and ride!
  7. gotta love the underdog though ( js)!! some underdog!!!
  8. hampeggotty

    Last Man Standing on Speed

    would also love to get a copy of this !
  9. hampeggotty

    What Is It With People & Our Sport?

    So in one sense, I think of it like this ( and I have both a YZ450f and a 2k5 GSXR1000): when i fall off at the track, i can indeed get hurt on either bike, when I fall off on route 1, it's the tourist RV from Rockford IL coming the other way, across the yellow double line that runs me over. Game, you know, over. I do think there is a common behavior/human nature to resonate with the bad news of a given thing - in this case, it's riding fast bikes on two wheels and what happens when it goes pear-shaped.. I'm happy to keep the secret of the joy I feel when riding to myself - hopefully limit my injuries and smile serenely when the morons start their yammerin'
  10. do like my lil' bro.. take her with you to mx class then..BOOM 3 dirt bikes in the garage.. and then she blames who ? the older brother.. me!!
  11. hampeggotty

    Fonseca down?

    I didn't see the latest on this thread, if I heard Greg White on 2WTuesday today (just finished watching), EF is doing well and has had surgery(s); and he has been fitted for a halo system to continue his recovery and spine immobilization. He has use of his arms and his spine was bruised in the crash. Doctors are optimistic given his incredible physical shape and his positive attitude. My prayers are with him and his family.
  12. hampeggotty

    Switch to a bike

    nice! you will not look back.. unless you need to pull stumps or something so then you just call the stump puller people and go ridin' !!
  13. Watching James at the San Fran round of SX this year, it struck me that when the track is a muddy, impossibly slow mess ( and slows him down (as well as everyone else obviously)), Bubba seems to stay in control of himself, and had the measure of the track and everyone else. I think there was only one place where he could really get air, RC was having challenges doing the same but mostly, given the miserable conditions it was a fast roll-over ride/slip-and-slide. Contrast that to dry tracks (say, Daytona ..) where he can ride far beyond his incredible talent, his competition ( and his bike) that the margin of error collapses.. Anyway, just a notion, and not a perfect one.. I am amazed by all of these guys !
  14. hampeggotty

    James Marshall donation!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for doing this. donation just made! kevin
  15. hampeggotty

    The Haves And The Have Nots!

    A couple/few thoughts: the cost of putting on such an event - promotion/marketing, setup, staff, insurance, traffic, police etc., etc., etc., ensures that there is not a huge wad of $$ left for disbursement to riders. second notion is that this is a capital market and supply & demand economics apply: those with the most skills are usually the fewest and can demand the highest wage; conversely, those with lesser skills are in a majority and must compete against for a smaller portion of the pie that is divided more times ( by sponsors, factory deals etc.,). Final thought is: thanks for reminder about contributing, I will do that right now!