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  1. I'll be riding my valkyrie std. into the upper 20's (degrees). I need some gloves and the cheaper the better. Are snowmobile gloves less expensive (ski) ? So far considering these Any suggestions ? Thanks, Shape
  2. Upbeat rocking Rolling Stones. Like this old stuff : "Yeah, when you call my name, I salivate like a Pavlov dog" Shape
  3. Its time for the ama to allow 250 two strokes in the 250 pro class. Two strokes got squeezed out just because there too good. Makes no sense anymore. I think it would be healthy for the sport. Mite be helpful for privateers. Probably relatively cheap for Hon. Kaw. & Suz. to get a track ready bike. Hell, they can just pull out the blue prints from there last generation 2-strokes & be up to speed again. The sport (MX) truly seems to have lost appeal since time has gone by with 2 strokes absence, It definitely didn't gain appeal . Lets race them together & the best rider will still win--on the best bike. Isn't that's what it's all about ! The current young generation probably does not remember when 2 strokes were a force & their pro's & con's. They would be a viable choice again has soon has they hit the track w/ equal treatment. 4 Strokes have had a long enough handicap--- . TIMES UP, Shape
  4. Please include a link if available.
  5. I purchased a tusk rotor for the back brake of my CR250r from rocky mountain mc. $60 & it bolted up w/ no trouble & works well. Recommended ! See link for reviews.
  6. According to Cycle News " Chad Reed rode bravely to third in spite of a stomach ailment ". I thought he looked off (Not the usual aggressive Reed), That would explain why.
  7. Thanks AdamRm, Those are nice finds
  8. In my opinion $2400 would be a fair deal if bike is in very good condition. Seems the value of is era 250 honda has gone up slightly in the last year. Everyone that has this bike loves it, including myself. Search this forum to learn about the bike. Hope the mash site link works for you, Good Luck.
  9. Motocross

    Quality of show ok threw my wireless roadrunner with no freezing (hell, it is free). 1st half of 1st race good, 2nd half a little boring but USA on top-- thats what matters !
  10. YES, A good deal. What dealer is it at ( I mite need one of those weed wackers to ! ) ??
  11. Regal gets a 3rd overall the week before at Millville. Not word one about him at Washougal --did I miss something or did the TV coverage just forget about one of the best (top 10) riders. With all the "filler" they do, Emig & co. could have made mention.
  12. Don't know if really in stock, in NY.
  13. Shape
  14. When those reviews start flowing for the new yz450, lets get some heads up with a link. Looking forward to the hype & opinions. It's the most fun I can have seeing I cant actually afford one. Well in 5 years I mite be able to buy a 2010---- So keep em nice ! Shape