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  1. I should probably have a new seat on hand before I try to remove the old one. I can be a bull in a china shop with delicate parts. I had no idea the seat could be removed. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks TN2W for the reply and the link to the fiche! Much appreciated.
  3. HI guys - KevinD here. I have a kick only 1992 DR350S with a pumper thats been acting up for a LONG time but lately it's been getting worse. This is a carb I bought off a forum some time back and not one of Jesse's. The bike has all the Jesse mods to the air box and the exhaust. It also has a K&N, Pingel and the air screw. I think I read somewhere...not sure where...that there is an o-ring in this carb somewhere that will let fuel fill the bowl and leak out the overflow. Did I dream that or what? OR is it most likely the float needle and I just need to get back in there and get it right this time? Anybody? TIA!
  4. Here's the Fox 5 story on DP from this afternoon... http://media.putfile.com/Fox-5-Atlanta-storey-on-Durhamtown-Plantation
  5. And BOY do YOU need crash protection!
  6. Somebody needs to get a lawyer on this crap! Suzuki needs to do a recall...
  7. How much to 30127?
  8. I need a carburetor for a 92 DR350S...mine has a crack in the body. I'll be making some phone calls today... Where do you get your parts? Here are the places that I have a number for...any others? Oz cycle salvage - Kansas 785-242-0600 Cycle Sports Ctr - Alabama 256-831-6495 MLDS(?) salvage - Sumter SC 803-773-3535 Thanks in advance. Kevin Daniell Powder Springs GA