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  1. KevinD

    Pumper leaking out the float bowl drain

    I should probably have a new seat on hand before I try to remove the old one. I can be a bull in a china shop with delicate parts. I had no idea the seat could be removed. Thanks again!
  2. KevinD

    Pumper leaking out the float bowl drain

    Thanks TN2W for the reply and the link to the fiche! Much appreciated.
  3. HI guys - KevinD here. I have a kick only 1992 DR350S with a pumper thats been acting up for a LONG time but lately it's been getting worse. This is a carb I bought off a forum some time back and not one of Jesse's. The bike has all the Jesse mods to the air box and the exhaust. It also has a K&N, Pingel and the air screw. I think I read somewhere...not sure where...that there is an o-ring in this carb somewhere that will let fuel fill the bowl and leak out the overflow. Did I dream that or what? OR is it most likely the float needle and I just need to get back in there and get it right this time? Anybody? TIA!
  4. Here's the Fox 5 story on DP from this afternoon... http://media.putfile.com/Fox-5-Atlanta-storey-on-Durhamtown-Plantation
  5. KevinD

    "Armor" for me DR ...

    And BOY do YOU need crash protection!
  6. KevinD

    1997 DR 350 SE counterbalancer failure

    Somebody needs to get a lawyer on this crap! Suzuki needs to do a recall...
  7. KevinD

    New guy needs a salvage yard

    How much to 30127?
  8. KevinD

    New guy needs a salvage yard

    I need a carburetor for a 92 DR350S...mine has a crack in the body. I'll be making some phone calls today... Where do you get your parts? Here are the places that I have a number for...any others? Oz cycle salvage - Kansas 785-242-0600 Cycle Sports Ctr - Alabama 256-831-6495 MLDS(?) salvage - Sumter SC 803-773-3535 Thanks in advance. Kevin Daniell Powder Springs GA