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  1. bolted mine under the peak on the helmet. tried the handlebar option didn't like it either
  2. Best. Meaning better than the rest
  3. Access to the needle, main and pilot jets is quite easy Needle, remove seat and tank, remove top engine mount undo two screws on top of carby remove it one more allen screw to go your needle is under it. Main and pilot jets, undo clamps twist carby,remove large nut on bottom of carby,remove front chain guard which will give you just enough room to do the job.
  4. another wr rider from newcastle area some great riding around here
  5. that sure is the dreaded hole
  6. there is no decomp lever on the 07 oz bikes
  7. I push the button two or three times which nudges it past tdc and away she goes
  8. maybe u just over oiled your filter I,ve done it
  9. clip I found on an aussie site. enjoy
  10. cheers GMB
  11. Thanks
  12. hope some nice person makes a torrent for us that dont get speed
  13. thanking you
  14. http://www.dirtbikeworld.net/forum/showthread.php?t=27725 A few pics there you may have to register but hey its free
  15. my dealer said pretty much the same