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  1. Well guys thanks for all the ideas,it is the CDI box it's burnt up dont no why it got burnt or how but it is.Now I'm wondering for sure before I get it if a yz250 05 and a 02 are the same part.Seen the part number was the same on here but I was just checking to see if anyone knows for sure.Thanks agian
  2. yeah i checked them they all looked ok
  3. Well got new reeds and that isnt the problem(dont mind having the reeds anyway)But now we have moved to electrical and dont really see any spark now did before but it's not now.So it's up in the air if it's the coil or the CDI box.Check with a voltage meter and coil was reading .40 and the spec in the book says between .20-.30 I'm not sure if thats enough to call it bad.And also what are you talking about with the timing? Thanks for the help guys
  4. thanks guys I am going to get new reeds first and see if that helps..
  5. Hey guys I have a 02 yz250 2stroke that dosent want to start or stay running.What has been checked carb taken apart and cleaned,plugs changed,gas changed,seen spark,air filter good.I am wondering if it's the reed valves checked them they look like they have the replacements on the stock set up no big deal but one out of the 4 has a small gap other 3 are closed all the way.Also the breather tube off the fuel tank just seen today was ripped and came apart pretty much just by me pulling it.Did get it to start by jumping with a four wheelier ran stronge for about 4 to 5 mins tops then cutt off again and will not start.Just wondering if anyone has any ideas thanks alot
  6. I got a pw80 (2001) for my boy he is 9 now but start riding it when he was 7 or 8 first bike he's ever rode never had to much of a problem with the power. He rode alot in 1st and 2nd gear for a while bikes are pretty stronge as for how much abuse they can take.Have the manual here and they dont have a part number they just call it "power reduction plate" My sons has never had that in there.If this helps at all
  7. Sounds good and that price on ebay sounds pretty good to.
  8. I also read in a article they claimed it was the most sold 250 2-stroke.
  9. A nail sounds good to me any more info?
  10. Need to replace my top end in a 02 yz 250.Just wondering if anyone has any info that will help beside whats in the book.I can do the mechanic part not a problem just wondering if there is anything any one picked up on from experience that is not in the book that would help.Like the little set pin for removing the (push rod) I dont have that anything else you can use?I'm located in jacksonville NC if anyone is local let me know...Thanks for your time.....
  11. Nice video man, Tell him to keep rocken!!!!
  12. Looks like a flat black paint if it was shinney would look better!
  13. That was a pretty decent video!!
  14. Just wondering if anyone knows what the compression should be on a stock PW 80.
  15. what else do you have to spend money on after the forks?i'm curious because i was going to do that!