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  1. 133_Bradley

    Valv Clearance question

    I'm rebuilding my buddy's '04 YFZ450 quad and I was going to check the valve clearances too but I got a question. Are the valve clearance the same on the quad as they are on My '04 YZ450F Bike? Thanks
  2. 133_Bradley

    Cam Turning Hard

    thanks, I'll try that.
  3. 133_Bradley

    Cam Turning Hard

    I got a '04 YZ 450 and after rebuild the exhaust cam was turning hard. The intake cam is fine. I used the proper tightning sequence. I had it so it turning like its supposed to but after I ran it through the first heat cycle I tore it apart again to check that it still turned good but it was turning real hard again. Any suggestion on what I did wrong? Thanks
  4. 133_Bradley

    J-Law, How bad are you?

    I am a big fan of Lawrence. He's got nuts for talkin trash. Some might call him a brat but I say he just aint afraid to say what he wants.
  5. 133_Bradley

    Makin' it legal

    I got a 04 YZ450F with a Yoshimura trc slip on. It comes with a spark arrestor and it tested 95 decibles with it in. It is removeable if you want.
  6. 133_Bradley


    if you dont wear a chest protector you are more likely to get hurt but I dont wear one myself. people ask why I dont and I say "you get to meet all the sexy, young paramedics"
  7. 133_Bradley

    Performance motors

    I do a lot of Ice racing in the winter and next year I'm going to get a good motor built. I was wondering if anybody knows any real good shops in the Midwest that do good motor work.
  8. 133_Bradley

    Bent radiator

    I just bought a set of Fluidyne radiators for $450. I looked at stock radiators but new they were $300 a piece. I think you would be better off to try to find some good used radiators though.
  9. 133_Bradley

    Exhaust header guard

    If you're a good welder and grinder you could always make one.
  10. 133_Bradley

    What does your bike smell like???

    Mine smells like blood, sweat, and tears.
  11. pack everything you can fit in the back of your truck...... and then start packing stuff behind the seat.
  12. 133_Bradley

    this has some dirtbiking in it...

    they got damn lucky
  13. 133_Bradley

    If you could meet one MX rider...

    Bob Hannah
  14. 133_Bradley


    i would recomend not waisting your time goin to them things waste of money and the homecoming and proms just suck at my scool. They make you tired and ya cant race worth a crap the next day.
  15. 133_Bradley

    Why did you start riding?

    my parents didnt really want me to get on so they told me to go ask my uncle but they didnt think he would acually find me one and a week later he showed up with one so here I am.