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  1. I've been considering getting a 4 stroke 450 but my roots are with 2 strokes. I've been out of riding for several years and I just can't bring myself to getting a 4 stroke due to the maintenance issues. With that being said what would I expect to spend on a clean 2003 2 stroke?
  2. Spectro

    Fair Price for 2001 400S?

    Wow, most of you got great deals on your bikes. I can live with the shortcomings of an 01 model if the price is right. It just seems that in my area prices are high and the bikes are still selling.
  3. Spectro

    Fair Price for 2001 400S?

    How close is the NADA in regards to the market for the DRZs? I am looking at a stock 2001 with 3,500 miles in good/fair condition. The bike needs new tires front and rear, a tune-up/valves adjusted and new chain and sprockets. What would be a fair price for this bike? Also, I have the opportunity to get a like new stock 2005 with 500 miles for $4,500. I am aware of the differences between the 01 and the 02 and up models. So, what would be a good price for the 01 and should I consider the 05? Thanks.
  4. Spectro

    Where is the power - 1st ride reaction.

    Thank you for the feedback - this site is very beneficial. I would consider a KTM or Husky but I like the availability of the Suzuki or Honda. Based on your responses, I'm going to keep the the DRZ on the top of my list but I'll plan on spending a little more for some mods. Like I said, it really is a nice bike and it would suit my needs well with a little more power.
  5. I've been looking at getting a dual sport bike and I narrowed my choices down to the DRZ400s and the Honda XR650L. I've done the searches on this site and decided the Suzuki would be my first choice. I had a chance to ride a 2005 DRZ today and I was disappointed in the power. Overall the bike was really nice and I liked it a lot but I was really expecting it to pull stronger - as in being able to do a nice power wheelie on the 1st to 2nd gear shift. So, do you really need to do all the standard mods and change the gearing to make the bike pull more? Should I even bother to ride the Honda since most of the members on this site say the DRZ is faster up to 50-60mph and more powerful? I was so set on getting back into off road riding but now I'm questioning if I can find a dual sport bike that has a little more juice - any thoughts or comments are appreciated.