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  1. nycathumper

    Lack of KTM's on the podium?

    KTM machinery appears to be very competitive, Roczen jumped from Suzuki and is showing great speed, in the GPs Cairolli moved from Yamaha and took the title with him (on the brand new 350). Marvin Musquin i think will be a contender if he jumps into AMA racing. Even Alessi had his best National series ever in 2007 on board a KTM. i think its proven that if they hired a SX championship rider in his prime would put KTM on the podium in no time
  2. nycathumper

    the new JT gear

    sorry if this has been discussed but that new JT gear is ugly IMO. i really wanted to like it since i wore the originals back in the day. pretty cool seeing some of the old school guys riding in the BTS video on VitalMX though.
  3. thinking back i almost said the '87 CR500 but then i remember borrowing a friends 1988 CR250 for a few laps and the headshake on that thing at the end of a straightaway made me pull off the track
  4. nycathumper

    L1 Burst Fracture

    broke my back in summer '06, fused with titanium screws, rods and cage from L1-L3. been 2 years and im feeling the urge to ride again, docs say structurally im i no more danger of paralysis than anybody else, but its still kind of scary thinking about jumping on a bike again. i bust my ass in the gym and stay healthy, get pains on my left side abs/lower back from time to time but i figure i got off lucky if thats all that bothers me. be diligent with your rehab and make whatever lifestyle changes are necessary to improve your overall health and you should be good to go. it takes time to heal, id give yourself a good year to fully assess your progress. although my surgeon recommended i stay away from chiropractors, i found a good one that has been helping with reducing the pain and correcting my spinal alignment (which was probably out of whack even before the accident). but i gave myself almost 2 years before i started any adjustments. hope this insight was helpful, id like to hear from anybody thats back to riding after spinal fusion surgery?
  5. nycathumper


    Garys a great guy over there at Motoventures. keeps his bikes in great condition, i wouldnt hesitate to buy used from him.
  6. nycathumper

    streangthening bones??

    strength training (lifting weights) will help bones remain strong throughout your life and will strengthen the supporting muscles around the bones
  7. nycathumper

    Risk with Spinal Fusion

    im curious as well about riding after fusion. i have a fusion from L1 to L3 with an interbody cage in the L2, due to fracture of the L2 summer 06 while practicing at a local track. i go back and forth with this, some days i wonder if it would be worth the risk but in life there is always risk. and we all know on this site dirt bikes are a necessary risk! they are proposing building a motocross park 10 mins from my house, if it goes up i dont think ill be able to resist
  8. nycathumper

    Amatuer Motocross Track Design

    it does seem the severe injury count has gone up in recent years. i broke my back this past summer on a bad landing attempting a double. the track i was riding had 2 tables and 8 double jumps so its actually harder to navigate the track if your rolling the jumps its easier to double them but if you come up short...if i decide to ride again i will definitely be riding "vet" tracks. im not sure if 4 strokes are making things worse but ive been thinking they do make it easier to ride half assed and maybe encourages that "just one more lap" mentality
  9. nycathumper

    works bike???

    funny i just looked for a picture of an 80's works bike for the "dream bike" thread. this was from 1985, the last year the AMA allowed true one off works bikes, honda RC250. also included a pic of baileys '84 works 500, these bikes shared no parts with the showroom bikes in the dealerships.
  10. nycathumper

    whats YOUR dream bike?

    Found a pic. 1985 Honda RC250.
  11. nycathumper

    Burbank mx

    does anybody know if this track is going to open? i used to have the builders telephone number but lost it...
  12. nycathumper

    Burbank mx

    does anybody know if this track is going to open? i used to have the builders telephone number but lost it...
  13. nycathumper

    whats YOUR dream bike?

    Johnny O'Maras 1985 Honda RC250 Works bike. I remember reading a test on that bike in 85, those works hondas would still look trick today.
  14. nycathumper

    Rods Screws and Airports

    i have a bunch of titanium hardware in my spine, 5 screws some rods and a "cage" imbedded in the front of my vertebrae. since my surgery in july have flown both domestic and international maybe 10 flights never set off the detector. even when i was wearing a back brace with metal buckles it didnt set off the detectors, which was weird to me...
  15. nycathumper

    Spinal fusion. recovery? ride again?

    thanks for the reply. they told me once the bone fuses with the hardware its supposed to be very strong so i didnt see why riding would be a problem after ample healing time and aggressive PT. i am looking into the pressure suits like the 661, do these really offer any real world spine protection for these types of injuries? i know regular chest protectors dont do the job of protecting the spine. after my injury i realized that this seems like an underprotected bodypart in our sport but then again there may be no way to protect from this without being too restrictive.