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    The Military Doc said

    I have two titanium plates in my left forearm to reduce a compound fracture of both my radius and ulna. They told me the same thing. No removal unless they cause a problem. They ache a little when it's really cold and sometimes when it's gonna rain, but are otherwise fine with no problems. I'm not going through another operation to remove them for no apparent reason. My advice, if they're not causing you pain leave 'em in!
  2. AZ_XR_Maniac

    LOUD! ticking noise from top end.

    I was helping a beginner with riding lessons last night and heard a bizzare noise from his '03 450 as well (I know, why a 450F for a first bike?). I was going to start a thread like this asking about the noise because it sounded horrid to me. Basically, the lessons were slow speed and there was a lot of engine lugging going on. It would chug along alright, then every once in a while there was a very loud and distinct "piiinnnk". Not a constant ping or tick with every piston stroke, very intermittent. It did sound like someone every once in a while tapping the pipe with a wrench. I put my ear next to the head and revved it up and that's definitely where the noise is coming from as the revs die down. I've heard and ridden my nephew's 450 and it's never made this noise. The guy said one of his friends had a CRF and had told him that noise was normal. Doesn't sound right to me and I told him so. Told him I'd check with you guys here today to see what you thought and give him some feedback this weekend so this is a very timely thread for me. The exhaust valve idea is actually what I was suspecting as well.
  3. AZ_XR_Maniac

    2004 525 exc electric starter problems

    If it's stock, it should have both. A manual lever on the bars and an automatic system hooked up to the top-end.
  4. AZ_XR_Maniac

    New bike Pics!! A question too!!

    DWB, No suggestions for the hourmeter, but the bike looks sweeeet! Days when we get to drive new scoots home are so awesome. I am currently on the fence about getting a new one myself. This post is making me want to go ahead and do it. Congratulatuions on the new arrival!
  5. AZ_XR_Maniac

    Anybody's air filter burst into flames?

    Seems to me there's an easy way to tell if removing my screen helps. Definitely "seat of the pants " though. I ran my bike up and down the street with a clean filter and screen installed payng particular attention to throttle response. Then I ran it up and down the street in the same manner with the filter and screen completely removed. No freer flowing air than that right? I felt no definitive difference. Didn't seem any more responsive or powerful to me, so I keep my screen in. Not real scientific, but it works for me. I find it hard to believe that any wire screen stops enough air to choke an engine to any degree. Our foam air filters have much smaller openings (cells) for air to pass through than any screen and no one's complaining about that. If I hold a backfire screen under a water faucet will it impede the flow of water enough to make any difference in volume or flow pattern through that screen? This seems unlikely to me as well. Even if it worked, what is the max horsepower that can be expected from a mod like this anyway, one or two horsepower? Is that worth sacrificing any protective capabilities a backfire screen may have? Again, IMO, no. Perhaps you guys insisting that this is justifiable simply need to turn your throttles open a little more often and use the ample horsepower you already have at your fingertips.
  6. AZ_XR_Maniac


    I also had an exhaust leak that was causing popping on decel, but it was at the back of the bike at the muffler/pipe juncture. A leak at either end will yield the same popping so check them both. Sealed mine with Chamber Seal tape. The stuff looks like grey Silly Putty and you wrap it on in a thin stretch that expands under heat to seal your pipe junctures. About $15 for a strip that will do both ends of yor pipe 3 times over. No more popping. Happy face for me. If it's still popping after you seal both ends of the pipe you're gonna have to re-jet!
  7. AZ_XR_Maniac

    KTM's Reliable?

    This has been covered extensively in the last couple of years. Use the search button at the top/middle of the page to search the word "reliable" in this forum. Select the time frame "newer than one year" and you'll get all the reading you can handle on the subject! The real answer IMO is: These bikes are reliable as long as you take care of them in the manner which they require. They require more maintenance and upkeep than your XR, but reward you with more performance. For instance, oil changes will be much more frequent as will be valve adjustments. This regimen is typical of any of the new lighter/high performance four-strokes. Many consider the upkeep required on these machines to be routine and the same as any they have ever owned. So, it sort of depends on you. If you adhere to a maintenance routine of merely washing the bike and putting gas in it, you're going to be disappointed with a KTM (or any other high performance four-stroke for that matter).
  8. AZ_XR_Maniac

    525exc first ride

    OK, here's an extra response 'cause you seem to need it. Maybe the other 142 that viewed your question had nothing pertinent to say in response to it and logically kept quiet. Since I have never felt a vibration through my shifter and don't even have a horn, you can count me in that group. If you want lots of responses to a post, ask about what oil to use and/or how often to change it. By the way , congratulations on the new bike and have FUN!
  9. AZ_XR_Maniac

    DethWshBkrs Hawaii Story!

    I figured there would have to be a heavy price to pay for riding in scenery like that. I'll just enjoy the pictures from afar. DWB, looks like it got pretty soggy. Congratulations on surviving Torture, his buddies and their trails!
  10. AZ_XR_Maniac


    It seems Gary has no response to this one. What a surprise.
  11. AZ_XR_Maniac

    Heavy Bum, Son's Bike Ripped Off!

    So it's true then, huh? That sucks. This is exactly what I had heard and the reason I never trusted them. Better to put up with the inconvenience of opening it by hand than to risk the other in IMO.
  12. AZ_XR_Maniac

    Heavy Bum, Son's Bike Ripped Off!

    A good idea, but I don't know how effective it would be around the base. There are a lot of military concentrated in the area and some of the residents are not really too overjoyed about it nor care much for them. Also from what he says, the police officers were completely underwhelming in their response. Probably would take a lot to motivate them. I thought about tha baby monitor thing the other night and mentioned it to my wife about my bikes. She pointed out I would only be able to use it while I was on site (such as at night while I was sleeping). No good for when we're gone, but still sounds like a good idea to me while I'm there. The alarm with the lanyard sounds like a good extra measure. This has taken a toll on him. He'll be back to AZ the 15th of this month for 30 days of unit leave. We would have been riding the whole time, but now we can't. When I talked to him he last, he didn't seem too motivated to get the insurance company on the fast track to get him a check to replace it. Would love to go buy another while he's here, but I also know how insurance companies drag their heels at times.
  13. AZ_XR_Maniac

    Heavy Bum, Son's Bike Ripped Off!

    First thing I would do is get rid of that garage door that rolls up with a clicker. That's how they got my son's. From all he could tell, they simply pulled it up high enough for one to sneak under and that one either just hit the button inside or disabled the thing and they rolled 'em out. I have also heard it is possible for thieves with the proper electronic devices and knowledge to get the door frequencies (don't know if this is true). I don't want to risk it. My garage is totally manual and I lock both sides of it with padlocks. My bikes are always locked together. Have them facing different directions while they are side by side. That way they can't be rolled out so easily. Locks and cables are the buffest I can find. Remember, assume they will come prepared to do business (properly equipped) so don't skimp on security devices. These are your babies you're protecting. I don't trust thin cables. If it looks wimpy to me, I assume it looks inviting to them. I like those thick snake-looking cables with the lock built into them. Run your cables, chains, or snakes through the frames. If they are through your tires they only have to remove a wheel to get clear of them. If available, run the cables around fixed structures. I have a steel-framed industrial rack (warehouse type) in my garage and mine are cabled to that as well Here's my routine: Two locks on garage door, bikes side by side with cable through all frames and locked together (as well as run frames steel beam on rack) with two snake cable locks through front tires (three bikes, two locks. Bike A secured to bike B on one side, Bike B secured to bike C on the other side). Think like a thief to help thwart thieves. What would you do to get that bike loose? ALWAYS lock the bike/s, even if you will only be gone 15 minutes. You'd be surprised how fast they work and the precision timing. Make it too much work to get them so they'll move on. Even if they are determined, they figure the longer it takes the greater the risk of being caught or noticed. Make it take a long time! If you're a dog person, he/she just found a good spot to sleep. Guess I should have made more of a point about this to my son. Unfortunate that he learned this from his theft experience. Since it was so hard learned, perhaps he'll be more paranoid (read careful) than me!
  14. AZ_XR_Maniac

    Chain noise

    Believe it or not, you eventually get used to it. No questions about the funny engine noise when it's in neutral that goes away when you pull in your clutch?
  15. AZ_XR_Maniac

    KTM 200 EXC Question

    When checking a used bike I insist on riding them. If it's in good shape it should start fairly easily and idle well (good carburetion). You don't want it if it starts finicky or won't idle. Run it up and down the street shifting it through a few gears up and down. The gear box should should not be balky or slipping out of gear as well as operating smoothly with no slop (tests transmission). Sifting will also allow you to test the clutch. If it's grabby or slipping, it probably needs to be rebuilt. Ask to have the seat taken off to look into the airbox and at the filter. If these are grungy, it's not a good sign. A clean filter and airbox are vital to a bike's life expectancy (especially a small-bore 2-stroke). If he didn't care enough to keep his filter and airbox clean, he didn't care enough about maintenance and his bike's engine IMO. Dented or warped wheels are a sign of some pretty serious abuse or crashing so keep an eye out for that. Remember, you can pretty much replace scratched plastic for about $200 on the whole bike so take that into account. If the plastic is all that seems not up to par, that can be fixed easily. If everything else is trashed but it has shiney new plastic, the owner is trying to distract you away from things he/she doesn't want you to see. Good Luck. And may the force be with you in your search!