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  1. HalfLung

    SDG Speed Mini

    Well my buddy's SDG won't stay in gear anymore, sometimes it acts like it's in between gears and makes a grinding sound, and you can forget about trying to find nuetral... Has anyone had this problem?
  2. HalfLung


    sweet deal I'll go with the 15.. thanks for the help guys
  3. HalfLung


    So I got my bbr 88 super pro kit a month ago, and I'm thinking i could use a little more top end cause the torque is crazy. so is it better to do the front or the rear. or is it just quicker to do the front.... I was thinking a 15 and just leave the back one alone..not sure, what are you guys doing? by the way I'm just tearing up the city bike trails, and back roads...
  4. HalfLung

    Anybody Have This Pipe?

    i have the power core 4 big bore 1'' header pipe $179.99. I'm running a bbr 88cc super pro kit, i like the pipe... it came with a insert for the header pipe to make it have more low end torque, but i didn't use mine, i think the pipe is great bang for the buck. other buddies of mine own tbr m-6, yosh and this are great pipes too. for me i bought it because i live in Alaska were everything must be shipped 2day air so my 179. exhaust was 250 bucks by the time it got to my door.
  5. HalfLung

    Gettin new 50

    i tried to go the cheap way first. after my second knock-off, i just picked up a honda crf50 and its sweet, i wish i would have just got a honda a year ago. so save your money or do what ever it takes but buy a Honda......
  6. HalfLung

    bbr motor kits

    Just picked up a 05 crf50 today, HD rear spring, red baron bar kit, and a folding shit lever.. 1000 bucks.... my buddy bought it for his kid and he didn't like it bike doesn't even have a ding on it, maybe 3hrs on it.... so i need a motor kit thinking bbr what do you guys think... i know everyone on here says buy the tb kit, and thats OK but, how many hp is this 88cc race head kit from tb??
  7. HalfLung

    I need new handlebars

    I went down to my local BMX store and picked up some redline handlebars, they are sweet 40 bucks, super tall...
  8. HalfLung

    New Carb

    Thank you, i guess i'll just keep playn with it...
  9. HalfLung

    New Carb

    So I Got my new 22mm carb in the mail today and the damn thing only runs with the choke on full or half, is this just the fuel/air mix screw, or a jetting issue. Not sure what size main jet, it's a TB carb copy.... i can get the bike to run but if I give it to much throttle to fast it will kill it. Sorry if this has already been asked.... Any help would be sweet.
  10. HalfLung

    what should i do?

    I own two knoffoffs both are tough, some stuff just doesn't last on the little bikes Honda or knockoff, stock shocks, spokes,etc.. little shiit..I love my knockoffs. Just dont buy a crappy knockoff do some homework.
  11. HalfLung

    Quite Pipe?

    I have a 110, I'am looking for a pipe that's not so loud as 90% of my riding is late night urban assaults. I was thinking of getting the power core 4.. Any idea's....
  12. HalfLung

    Strating in gear?

    my bike (Knockoff) wont start in gear with clutch in.. How or can I change this?
  13. What would be the right size carb for a 110? 20mm?