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  1. Tele skier

    The KTM 200 Club

    Are the axle ends on a 2001 200 exc 27mm or 26mm?
  2. Tele skier

    TSF Snow Conditions. Possible Ride Sat 2/19

    Anyone have trail conditions for Jordan Creek and Diamond Mill??
  3. Tele skier

    Tillamook State Forest Closed

    So it was legal to ride as of late today but still unknown for Sunday 7-26? Anyone talk to the sheriff about the when or if they are going to close the trails for fire season? Hate to drive all that way to ride roads.
  4. Tele skier

    New trials tire

    So a trials tire works really well on steep loose climbs as it tends to keep rocks in place and climb over them as apposed to a knobby tire which tends to kick rocks away and allow wheel spin. Is this a fair statement?
  5. Tele skier

    Struggling with tire pressures...advice?

    12-14f-10-12r on M s-12s a bit less if wet.
  6. Tele skier

    A Day In The GP. Ride Report W/Pics

    Thanks for posting, you are a gifted photographer! I really want to get up there. It looks world class. My mother had G-B-S, at 65 y/o. She came through it but spooked her bad to. She is 95+ now.
  7. Tele skier

    McCubbins Gulch Trail Map

    Try the Hood River Forest Service office they may be able to send you one. They are rare at best. MG has two staging areas and one camp ground.
  8. Tele skier

    Mountain Ridin' Report

    Looks like a great trip thanks for posting! Loved the shot with the dog in the pack. I love it up there, sounds like you had perfect riding conditions.
  9. Tele skier

    portland people

    Gresham KTM is not too far from Molalla. I think they close early tho. Not sure if it is 12-1-2 or 3 pm. All ktm all the time if you have any interest in that. Good guys in the shop. G-KTM-503-667-3970.
  10. Tele skier

    Looking to possibly relocate

    I haer you and do understand you're p,o,v. I would lobby you to look hard at the opportunities west. For what it is worth, once people get started it is hard to move in a year or two as you suggest. I am only trying to give you some benefit of my and others experience. I think you would be able to have the life and work you want in time. I have read you're posts and it seems to me you will be a good fit out here. Again, i am only trying to challenge you to follow you dreams if you want to live west move west and build the life you want. Plenty of opporunities out here! I wish you the best and if you take the job i am sure you will make the most of the area. It is a nice area with lots to offer.
  11. Tele skier

    Looking to possibly relocate

    Move out west, you will not regret it!
  12. You may want to take off the FWW and play with the power valve and see if you like the 200 more then you do now. A 12oz is allot.
  13. Tele skier

    KTM Demo Hood River, Or. June 7 - 8

    Another BIG THANKS to all who worked long and hard for this great event. Perfect conditions was icing on the cake!
  14. Two front pinch flats, 12and14 psi.
  15. Sorry to hear the new. Thoughts with the family.