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  1. What is the normal weight range?
  2. What is the difference between the 08 and 09 300. Very good price on the 08.
  3. My 650r is getting harder and harder to start when warm and when in trails some times just stalls. Checked the valves they are good. Could it be the plug?
  4. What do you have to do to put the KTM computer on the xc and what is the cost.
  5. You can get a new 300xcw in British Columbia for 7999.00 plus taxes .
  6. What is the difference between 2009 300xc and the 300xcw other than the wide ratio transmission.
  7. How do I check if cylinder and head are flat. and what torque should it be. Trying to find a manuel.
  8. Need to put new piston and rings in . Cylinder honed ,Anything special I need to know. Torque etc. Break in procedure. Any thing will help.
  9. CR 250 They don't have valves to drop.!1
  10. 4 th gear cruising ,Bike dies, Tried new plug , Has gas , and spark. Won't start. What do I try now?
  11. What type and weight of oil should I use ? XR 650R
  12. My 2004 cr 85 is leaking anti freeze from the head bolts, should there be brass washers with the nuts? What should they be torqued to. It seems to quit when it gets hot.
  13. So after reading all of these posts If I run BR8ES,BR9ES or BR10ES will be fine
  14. What weight of Rotella T
  15. I have no manual so how much and how often .