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  1. Here is a pic of how far the pipe sticks out of the number plate. I think any after market pipe such as FMF, PC and Yoshi totally wake the bike up and give better throttle response and feel. Not to mention the sound is unreal. http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae64/slygary/IMG_1297.jpg
  2. My 2012 Ford FG XR6 Turbo Ute.
  3. slygary

    Riding the high

    Im pretty sure thats an Australian film, the guys accent at the start and it looked like it was filmed in the Blue mountains, New South Wales.
  4. slygary

    Hammer Head axel block problem

    I checked the package it came in and it was marked for a 2010-2012 YZ450 so something went wrong at the hammerhead factory.Im gonna take it to work and get one of the guys in maintenance to machine it down.
  5. I got myself a set of Hammer Head axel blocks for my 2012 YZ450 and the right hand block seems to be too thick, i cant get the nut to thread on enough. The Hammer Head block is 4.5mm (3/16") thicker than the origional. Has anybody else had this problem ? I hope the picks below can explain. Thickness comparison. With origional washer and nut. With a nylon washer that i made.
  6. slygary

    Motard magazine.....anywhere?

    No never seen a Motard Mag down here in OZ.
  7. The video was taken somewhere in New South Wales, Australia. The unmarked cop car had yellow plates. And yes Balls34 they are the 2 most basic rules os illegal riding. From my expierence in my younger days cops never cased us on dirt bikes down in Victoria i think there was some kind of law. Older and wiser now got my licence and WR450 with full registration.
  8. slygary

    Engine/Fuel tank cover

    Thanks greyracer i will give it a go next time i have the tank up.
  9. slygary

    Engine/Fuel tank cover

    Rotax800, it is a twin air cover for the air box so you can wash your bike. Any good bike shop should have one or get one for you.
  10. I went to change the spark plug in my 2012 YZ450 and a 2 minute job turned into 15 minute job because of this cover, i strugled to flip it back. Is it really needed to protect the fuel tank from engine heat ? Is there a easy way to flip it back ? or after market product to replace this one ?
  11. HAHAHA !!! Pissa !!! Watched some of your other vids and that thing has some balls for a little bike and a good riding style. Will be a sad day when the guts of the bike split open and spreads all over that nice grass.
  12. Thanks for your help guys. I did the oil change today with the left over oil filters that i have K&N-141 for YZ450 07-09 and i did a side by side comparison they are the same size and the K&N does have more pleats than the OE yamaha filter. The K&N part # for the YZ450 10-12 is K&N-140.
  13. Are the oil filters in the 07-09 and 10-12 YZ 450 the same ? Because i have a few oil filters left from my 09 YZ that i would like to use in my new 2012 YZ.
  14. Naa sorry mate i wouldnt know if the slip-on makes the number plate stick out as well.