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    06 WR450 overheating

    Okay. The other day, because I hadnt ran my bike for about 3 months, I was running my bike in idle for about 15 minutes. When I came back outside to check my bike, coolant was coming out from one of those tubes underneath the bike and coolant in the coolant tank underneath the rear fender was like boiling or bubbling. about an hour after I shut my bike off I looked at the coolant reservoir and it was empty. Is anything wrong with my bike or is this supposed to happen because my bike was overheating?
  2. 05BlackTaco

    Kill switch issues

    how do you know which wires to connect? can i just splice them and not worry about which wire goes to which? From the harness, I can't tell which one is negative and positive...
  3. 05BlackTaco

    WR electric starter?

    WOuld this be expensive to take to a shop to fix? I am mechanically declined when it comes to things like this! Is this simple to do task for the newb mechanic?
  4. 05BlackTaco

    WR electric starter?

    okay i have a question guys I need help! MY e start as well as kickstarter stopped working while my bike is in gear. I HAVE to be in neutral in order for my bike to start up. Anyone have an explanation for this? Also my wires for the kill button have come out. ANyone know how i can fix this? is there a kit i can buy cause it looks like i lost the housing for which the end of the wires go into. thanks!
  5. 05BlackTaco

    06 WR450 Stock Shock Questions

    hey thanks a lot man, that was fast!
  6. 05BlackTaco

    06 WR450 Stock Shock Questions

    Hey guys, I ride a 06 wr450 and was wondering if my suspension is too soft for my size and weight. I am 6'2 and weigh around 200 pounds on with all my gear. Do I need to tighten up my springs to make them more stiff? My front suspension feels a little soft but am not sure since this is my first bike. I have had this bike for about a year and don't really know anything about suspension systems, only know how to ride. Thanks!
  7. 05BlackTaco

    wr450 oil problem

    good one! just thought maybe i'd ask since i dont have that much time but i think im gonna try to go through it today.
  8. 05BlackTaco

    wr450 oil problem

    would you guys reccomend that I get an oil change on my bike with 100 miles on it? I just bought it brand new in january but havent had much time to ride it. is it time for an oil change yet??
  9. 05BlackTaco

    Who wants to ride this Tuesday 5/9

    Hey dude how about saturday, 5-6-06? Pm me if your interested
  10. 05BlackTaco

    Over Heating Wr450 2005

    Question guys. I have an 06 wr450 and I only h ave about 116 miles on the odometer. Last time I went to go ride I hit my friend with my left radiator. I kept riding and everything felt fine but tonight, after I rode my bike and was parking it in my gaarage, I noticed a little bit of smoke rising from the radiator area. When backing up the bike to reposition it, a little bit of smoke rises into the headlight area and thats how I know that it is kind of smoking. Is it just because the radiator is hot or is my radiator damaged? thanks.
  11. Im at the Toyota stealership right now deciding wether to buy a short bed or a long bed. Does anyone have a d-cab short bed th at hauls around two dirt bikes in the back without any problems? Any quick replies would be great as I am going to buy with in an hour. Has anyone ever seen a d-cab short bed haul around two dirt bikes?
  12. How do you like the long bed? How does it handle and take corners? I like the look of the d-cab offroad package better but it isnt offered with the long bed. I just totaled a access cab with or package and that is why im in the market for a new rig.
  13. 05BlackTaco

    Pricing.. how much did you pay out the door?

    I paid exactly 7,000 with tax, title, and licensing from North Hollywood Yamaha and Honda. They would not go any lower even though I left the dealership. They would not budge
  14. 05BlackTaco

    Kill Switch Dead. Help!

    thanks guys
  15. This weekend a little boy turned in front of me and i dropped my bike going about 25-30. After riding i noticed my kill switch wasn't working anymore. it looks like one of the two-pronged wires is sticking out a bit. when i pull it back i can kind of see the wire. Is this easy to fix? how do i fix it? thanks in advance
  16. 05BlackTaco

    G-G-Gorman Sat. 1/21

    Good chance that I'll be there but I'm also thinking about going to supercross...
  17. Hey no problem dude. I would have probably felt horrible if all you guys had to keep waiting for me. I would have made you guys go without me so no worries man. I had a blast and I definitely felt more confident with my bike as the day progressed. I plan on turning this into my new hobby so whenever I increase my skill level to where I think I can hang with you guys, lets go ride, but together this time. haha. Rob helped me out alot and taught me most of the general rules I should know about riding. Till next time..sayonara
  18. Hey, thanks for riding with me yesterday Rob. I had more fun than I expected to. At first I was a little scared because I didn't have the proper gear but once I fell for the first time, most of those fears left me. I banged up my knee a bit and my back is sore but I can't wait to go again. Maybe we can go again this coming Saturday or Sunday. I should have all my gear by then.
  19. 05BlackTaco

    Good pricing on a wr450

    Hey guys im new to this forum and to dirt bikes as well. I am most likely going to be picking up my wr450 on tuesday when the store opens back up but i need to know if 7k otd is a good deal and if i can get a better deal, what numbers should i be looking for? Anyone on here get any good deals on their bikes and would like to share with us? I have never bought a bike before so i dont want to get jipped...thanks so much fellas...
  20. I might be out there tommorow guys...coming in a black Tacoma prerunner with a WR450 in the back.
  21. 05BlackTaco

    Gorman Saturday 1/14/06 you know the drill

    I'm down to go on Monday, just tell me what time and exactly where and I'll show up.
  22. 05BlackTaco

    Gorman Saturday 1/14/06 you know the drill

    Hey guys I am new to the the dirt bike scene and I also just picked up my first bike on Monday...I am more than willing to go with you guys as long as you guys dont mind a newb riding with you guys...I just picked a wr450 and am very excited about my first trip. I was actually thinking about taking a trip to Rowher this Saturday but I hear Gorman isn't too far up the 5 past Valencia. Anyone have an email address or instant messenger so I can get all the info down right? My e-mail address is, Dcho21@hotmail.com or you can message me at xmrjokezx on aim. Thanks fellas looking forward to riding with you guys this Saturday.
  23. 05BlackTaco

    06 WR 450 questions

    So do you think i should take it in? I don't even know how to change my own oil and filter and don't know how to check my valve adjustments... can you tell me if i should go easy on the bike or is it okay to just get on the gas already? How do you know when to shift gears since there is no rpm gauge? and lastly is it normal for my bike to stall while in neutral? isn't the bike supposed to idle? when i ride the bike around my neighborhood and i just want to turn around, the engine shuts off when i put the clutch and let off the gas..is this normal? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks.
  24. 05BlackTaco

    06 WR 450 questions

    Hey guys i have another question here about the maintenance of my bike...yesterday after i had purchased my bike and was leaving, the service guy and sales guy were telling me to come back exactly ten hours after riding my bike...i was told that the "ten hour" service is thee most important one of them all and to make sure that i bring the bike in for a full check up...240 bucks is what i recall hearing coming out of the dealers mouth...is this right or are they trying to get over on me? what are they going to do with my bike and what exactly is the ten hour service?
  25. 05BlackTaco

    WR400 won't run after sitting awhile

    hey i have a brand new 06 wr450 that i just picked up yesterday and when i dont have the chole on in neutral, within a few seconds it sputters and the engine shuts off...is there something wrong with my bike?