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  1. I put a 450 seat cover (black and yellow ) on my 04 rmz 250 do dramas at all cheers Dave
  2. back 2 the basics...dont i feel like a dumb ass float level was like no level .... i should have checked carby before i done cdi coil checked valves checked piston and rings ......always something so simple cheers for all your thaughts Dave
  3. bike doesnt have that many hours on it and i have only raceds once on it i turned my idle down for now and it starts first or second kick I will take it out the track tommorrow and see if it still braks down at 3/4 throttle like its hitting the rev limiter??? I didnt think having your idle 2 high would effect the starting,,,maybe i just learnt something new on these bikes will post my results cheers Dave
  4. changed cdi box and coil but still doing the same thing im thinking it might be carby settings even though i have never changed them form factory...... Dave
  5. ok thank it hasnt been relaced yet will chase it up
  6. checked the wiring with voltgage and found the coil to be out of specs,I wil try fitting another 1 this week to see if that fixes the dramas, I poured petrol into the intake side of the head and checked for leaks and it took 2 minutes for the smallest droplet to show also done the same on the exhaust side with the same results so i dont believe thi is the problem cheers Dave
  7. all clearances are in spec...when its cold it starts 2nd kick i have had this bike since new and havent had any problems with it except for this hard starting ,now it seems worse than ever cheers Dave
  8. Need help having a bit of trouble with rmz.when I have been riding and stall it ,i cant get bike to start again ...only when its hot,any ideas on what this could b also a bit fluttery at 2/3 throttle then it clears (like it is over fueling) any ideas would be great cheers Dave
  9. thanks very much for that mate cheers Dave
  10. seen this on the rmz 450 is there anywhere i can download this repair manual cheers Dave
  11. problem all resolved now please close
  12. existing 1
  13. Hi having a bit of trouble refiting my cam chain guide on exhaust side,it seems to be sitting a bit high and fouling with exhaust cam.ihave checked to see if is seated correctly but it seems right to me ??? any help would be great cheers DAve