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  1. Thank you for your replies. On paper, the KLR is still the clear favourite. - Still in production [getting parts from dealers] - Liquid Cooled [good for commuting] - Large tank - Good aftermarket support [lots of parts from wreakers too] - Good forum [KLR650.Net] The bikes in my budget range will have over 50,000kms on them, so there's bound to be repairs\replacments in the near future. Cheers.
  2. Thanx all On paper, the KLR is the preferred bike, and is the only one in production [as well as the Yammy, but it's not as road-friendly as the others.] I'll have to check them all out and see how they fit me. Cheers.
  3. Thanx for the replies. The Honda and the Kawasaki are the top runners at the moment. But I'll have to sit on a few to see how they are for my height. I'll keep an eye for KTM's, but they're a bit rarer to find in comparison. Cheers.
  4. Hi all, I'm new here and looking for a dual-purpose bike for commuting duties. The search facility is down at the mo, so I'll have to start a new thread. Ok, a little background: I'm have been riding for 5 years, but that has been on road\sports bike. I'm a regular mt. biker, but havent gone off road on a m\c yet. So, I'm keen to do some trail riding as well. Anyways, my commute is in suburban\CBD of Sydney, AUST., so there's not many freeways involved. But lots of potting around and splitting lanes in traffic. Each trip is around 30kms [~20miles]. For my budget, I'm looking at late 90's to early 00's models of the following: - Honda NX650, XL650V, XR650L - Suzuki DR650R\SE [would love the new DRZ400SM Supermotard, but 3X budget limit] Click - Kawasaki KLR650, KLX650 - Yamaha XT600E/Z What are your thoughts ? I dont know much about these bikes, but I'm 5"8 and would like features such as Electric start, Tacho, reliability, and decent fuel tank. 95% would be commuting, and 5% firetrail when I have time Also, what's your opinion on air cooled vs liquid cooled engines ? I've had liquid cooled twins and IL4's, so servicing isnt a problem. And since I'm mostly road riding, I wont be dropping the bike as I may do offroad [minimise damage]. Thank you for your time. Any input is much appreciated.