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  1. the price of a worn out cr 500 in italy is 3000 $, while the price for a decent one is about 5000! and, should i buy a steel frame one, i'd use it with no modifications.
  2. Uncleroby: I'am italian. tomorrow i'll go to a firnd and put the engine in the frame. than, i'll tell you. fm
  3. sorry everybody, i thought that my initial question was clear, i just asked if somebody tried to do this, hoping to receive some pictures and suggestions, but it's clear now that nobody ever made such a modification. and i wouldn't like to be the first... so thinking about budget i'll look for a used crf engine and will overhaul it! maybe transform it in a 490cc. Answering to uncleroby: honda engineers maybe will not be selling ice creams, but sometimes they should be obliged to work in a real workshop!
  4. my xr 630 is an abortion for current ways to consider bikes, but i'm faster on it than on my crf 450 in tight enduro tracks, on stones and so on. i'm not an engineer, but 15 years ago i put a 550 yamaha engine on a 1987 250 kx frame, and the result was astonishing. stopped using this bike because of italian police, not willing me to ride it on the road!
  5. No CR 500 loose engines in the european market.... have you something in USA?
  6. always looking for an engine. is there something down there?
  7. NX 650 motor will give bullet proof shift gears (4 pins instead than 2) and a single carb. it's for a customer willing an electric starter. rear and front suspensions ar not 'state of the art' but their behaviour is very good for the performances of this thumper!
  8. ok, i already have a CRF, and enjoy it very much! i didn't ask for opinions, i was just enquiring about the matter. fm
  9. at first: i need an engine!
  10. I bought a crf chassis whose engine exploded, and, since a loose 500 cr engine is absolutely rare in italy i was thinking about that. fm
  11. i don't fear cutting and welding!
  12. look at this pacific 1983 xl, where i put some of the spare parts i used to hold in my garage: -cr 250 forks and front wheel -xr 600 shock absorber and swingarm -in the next months: nx 650 dominator engine. fm
  13. Some experience about this? I'll try and report. fm
  14. Has anyone ever tried this??? i'm looking for an engine, and i'll tell you if it's possible and how it runs. fm