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  1. battles2a5

    Need recommendation for suspension work in Charlotte, NC

    Cool, thanks for the ideas. For those of you that went w/ Bruce, what price range am I looking at? Thanks again, Ryan
  2. Hi all, I want to get the suspension done for my 2001 yz426 and I am looking for recommendations in the Charlotte area. I am looking for a good hare scrambles set-up but I will do some mx as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Ryan
  3. battles2a5

    What Did Everyone Get For Christmas?

    I didn't get anything dirt bike related but my gf bought me a skydiving trip
  4. battles2a5

    Motorcycle Explodes

    That video is from the early to mid-90's. It's Scott Russell. I remember watching that on tv. God I am getting old
  5. battles2a5

    Hard Clutch on YZF 426?

    Ditto on this, my '01 is tough to pull as well. Arm pump city. Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. battles2a5

    Moving to NC

    Darth, I am in Charlotte and just got back into riding. There is a decent amount of riding within a reasonable drive. I have been hitting up TNT (45 minutes south of Charlotte). There are some decent trails there and some good mx tracks. There are a few other places w/ trails within 1.5 hrs drive as well. I am looking to get back into HS in the spring, so hit me up if you need someone to ride/train with. Good luck with the move! Let me know if you have any questions about the Charlotte area before you come down.
  7. battles2a5

    Jeremy Mcgrath and me

    I met Jeremy at the Cleveland SX in '95. God, I am getting old. Anyway, he was a cool cat. Always willing to talk to the fans, just a down-to-earth everyday guy. I remember my buddy challenged him to a race, to which Jeremy replied " I don't want to hurt you". Gotta love it
  8. battles2a5

    Mucking around on the 450

    Lookin' good bro!
  9. battles2a5

    Rear Suspension WAAAYYYY too harsh.

    Isn't this comparison a little dramatic? You can't tell me that three years of model development will yield that much of an improvement in suspension, especially given the wide range of adjustments available in today's suspension. I guess I am looking for ideas on how to reduce the harshness until I get new springs. Based on the info I have received so far I think I need to back off on the rebound damping a bit?
  10. So, I have recently returned to dirt bikes. Most of my previous bikes were woods bikes and I am now on a 2001 YZ426. I have been out three times so I am just now getting comfortable on the bike. I was on the track all day yesterday and I noticed how hard it was to get a good drive out of the corners. The track was pretty chunked up w/ acceleration bumps (should say holes) and my buck would buck really hard through them and either go sideways or just not hook up once I got out of them. It was really bothering me. So then I rode a buddies' 2004 CR450f and I was instantly faster on the bike, it just sort of floated through the stuff where I was getting kicked off the bike. Any ideas of why this is happening (please refrain from Red vs. Blue jokes )? My theory is that he had his bike re-sprung for his weight and I haven't. I weigh about 225 and have compensated with compression damping. Will this cause that much of an issue or is there something else that I should be looking into? Thanks in advance!
  11. Do you have heavy springs in your forks and shock or just the forks? If you have both I would consider an even trade for my stock stuff. Do you know the spring rates? PM me if interested...
  12. battles2a5

    Jumping Question: Bike not launching

    I'll give that a shot, thanks!
  13. battles2a5

    Jumping Question: Bike not launching

    Thanks again for all the great advice (especially to RedRider). I am going to look into some suspension shops around here. I will most likely do the springs myself, completely botch the job, and then bring a box full of parts to the shop for them to fix but that's half the fun. I'll let you know how it turns out. I'll try to pre-load more and convince my brain to hit these things with a little more speed inthe meantime.
  14. battles2a5

    Jumping Question: Bike not launching

    Red Rider450- What weight of springs did you change to? Did you do a revalve as well or just the springs? I am thinking this is going to be a necessary change.
  15. battles2a5

    Jumping Question: Bike not launching

    rmz757- I love your enthusiasm. Unfortunately, any top-level pro has more talent in one fingernail than I have in my entire body. If I can pull a clean lap w/o trying to push my feet through my chest when I come up short I will die a happy man . Baby steps....