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  1. wlzuber

    TC450 06 fork base valve update

    I just had Tim Cauby's base valves installed. It totally fixed the issue for me. Used to just make me cringe when I saw those squared off breaking bumps coming up. It was bad enough to make me seriously back off when I saw em. In fact I found it hard to believe it could make that much of a difference, but it did. I was having so much fun riding on a thrashed and beat end-of-day track that I didn't even mind the 98 degree temp. Nothing like a confidence boost from a bike that works. --Wes
  2. wlzuber


    I like both places. But I give the edge to MotoXotica. Always treated me right. --Wes
  3. wlzuber

    Battery Tender- 3 amp or 3/4 amp?

    The not over charging part is the most important feature for sure. But 3 amps makes me nervous. Generally more amps means more heat to the battery. The danger is in overheating the battery and warping the plates, shorting some of the cells. Bottom line - I would go with the 3/4 amp. --Wes
  4. wlzuber

    TC Plastic HEELP MEEEEE!

    Do you mean MotoXotica? They are good folks and usually carry most items. --Wes
  5. wlzuber

    2006 TC450 Can chain wiper fell apart

    Hi there, No problem with the valves as of yet. Starts first kick (still miss the electric start) but the darn thing starts pretty easy. --Wes
  6. wlzuber

    tc 450 weak spark

    It may not be weak spark at all. Valve adjustments on these bikes is critical. Believe it or not if the valves are out of adjustment the bike will start very hard or not at all. I have a TC450 04 and it had the issue. Would not start at all.. pushed it around and it started, once it was hot things were easier but it got progressively worse. Adjusted the valves and it started right up. --Wes
  7. wlzuber

    Husky parts and dissasembly manual

    Hi there, Go here:http://www.husqvarnausa.com and click on "On Line Manuals". --Wes
  8. wlzuber

    2006 TC450 Can chain wiper fell apart

    Just talked to the Husky dealer and my bike is all back together. I thought everyone would like to know that Husky is going to good-will warranty the parts only. Fine by me. Three hours (@ 72 per) labor is all I will have to pay. I know that at least Honda's don't even have a warranty and I have also heard that they are very hard on these types of good-will warranties. Nice to know that Husky is being aggressive with customer service. --Wes
  9. Rode the bike about 4 to 5 times. I was at a MX track when the bike suddenly stalled in a corner for no apparent reason. Kicked and kicked it. It has always started on the first kick. Got it back to the truck and checked the spark, no spark at all! I decided to take it to the dealer even though I was out of warranty hoping they would handle it with a good will warranty. The dealer is Oceanside Aprilla-Ducati-Husqvarna. They are really nice folks and I bought the bike from them because they always seem to have them in stock and they seem pretty up to date on Huskys. Anyway they pulled the generator side cover off and discovered that a piece had fallen off of the can tensioner wiper blade and came around and knocked the ignition pickup around. I also have an 04 which has been completely reliable. I am chocking this up to an anomalous failure since I have not heard of this anywhere else. No word yet on if they will cover it under warranty. --Wes