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  1. Rick - Thankx !! John PS - FWIW. I used the "brass cap on 3/4" pipe" tool as described earlier. The hex cap is a loose fit in the damper rod, but it was good enough for loosening/tightening the bottom bolt. Also, since I was only doing the lowering mod, I left the forks installed, moved the handlebar assy out of the way, and worked from the top after removing the bolts and allowing the oil to drain. I used a piece of brass welding rod with a small hook on the end to fish the damper rod out. I didn't want to removed the forks. Guess I'm a little lazy...
  2. Oh yeah - it's a 2007 DR650, in case it matters!
  3. What is the size of the hex head on the end of the special tool to remove the damper rod from the fork? (i.e., Suzuki 09949-34592 Attachment "G") I need to make a tool... will use a piece of electric conduit tubing and braize in a proper size bolt. I think the head is 17mm or 19mm across flats. Anybody know?
  4. Be sure to get the bike insured Before you go to get the inspection, else they won't inpect. The process: 1) Get proof of insurance 2) Get the inpection certificate with a 'green sheet' 3) Go to Tax office and register it, pay lots of money, and get the plate. 4) Go ride!
  5. Let's cut to the chase: YZ250F_2003, do you have any connection with this product or it's producers, other than as a retail buyer?
  6. Hi - I'm the new proud owner of a 1999 Yamaha XT-350, which needs LOTS of TLC. I don't see a specific forum for that model, so where do folks such as me communicate about our pain? Thanks, John in TX