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    Help on a KLR 650 Engine rebuild

    Hi. I have a very sick KLR. For some reason (unknown at this time) this engine blew all the oil out and also locked up two times on my last trip with the bike. It got me home by the way. The mechanic says: "Piston, rings, Cylinder bore, Connecting Rod and crank bearings are galded and burned, Will need oversize piston and rings, cylinder bored oversize, Crankshaft pressed apart and Connecting rod kit (includes rod,crankpin, thrustwashers and rod bearing) replaced, Crank pressed together and trued, Valve job on head and valve seals replaced, Replace countershaft seal and shifter seal." Pretty bad. His estimate was $1270 which was fair, I suppose, but much more than I am able to spend. I have investigated buying an used engine but have found prices from $800 to 2400. Again more than I am willing to spend, at least for an engine with an unknown history. I need advice from any one who has rebuilt a klr 650 engine on the problems they had, recommendations on where to buy parts.etc. Is there any way for a home mechanic to dissasemble the crankshaft and re-assemble it? Are any aftermarket parts available? If work has to be sent out, recommendations on the best shops, etc.. I want to be able to get this bike back on the hi-way, but the prices are really scaring me off. I have some mechanical skill, but not a lot. I am out of the country at this time, but I will be back in Northwast GA about June. Thanks to any one who wants to respond. Off-list address is atlasshrugged1999@yahoo.com Thanks again Dan