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  1. 50cc's and an electric start.
  2. Get a big bore 4 stroke:thumbsup:
  3. I am puzzled by your question........Being an "A" rider, Regardless of what bike it is, shouldn't you already know what kind of set up works for you and where to have your suspension serviced?
  4. Ryan villopoto and justin williamson might disagree with you there, and besides....."It's not the arrow, it's the indian."
  5. At least he was wearing a helmet:thumbsup:
  6. Robert, the black seat and graphics are looking good on my old bike! Mark
  7. Shane watts is sponsored by Funmart cycles, not by KTM. He is a privateer, not a factory rider. Now that yamaha has a huge contingency program in the off-road world, it is inviting to race their product. Brian Garrahan did the same thing.
  8. Patrick Garrahan raced a 525 at the Quicksilver and placed top 5. In conditions were a 2 stroke may have been a superior choice.
  9. You must lean out the mixture in warmer weather. The humidity is usually much higher in the warmer months meaning the air is thicker, this is what leads to richer conditions.
  10. More air makes for leaner conditions....Turning the air screw out is leaning out the mixture:thumbsup:
  11. The aluminum frames are actually a little more rigid. the new frames don't stretch like the steel ones.
  12. Amen to that.... Twin hills is a steep fire road:thumbsdn:
  13. I use Rock Oil g.r.o. and change it about every three rides.
  14. The question in point is, How can anyone justify the need not to wear a helmet if they are going no more then 20 miles an hour? I was floored when I heard the commentator quoting the rider. This rider was not taking the necessary precautions intentionally, It's not like he was going down the street to get a gallon of milk. Yeah you can feel sympathetic, but the idiot was asking for it. There is a thing called " Gravity", No matter what your skill level is, at some point in time you will go down when you least expect it.