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  1. usafdave

    what would you do

    hmm,..just keep them both!! haha that way if one is acting up,..you have a back up bike! and you can always swap parts. haha
  2. usafdave

    valve replacement question

    well,..I'll let you know. I just ordered a new 06 Honda head, valve guides, Honda vlaves and spring for mine through Yamaha of Troy in Toledo. Got it all shipped for 408.00,....I don't think you can beat that. But, To be sure, I'll be sending my old head out to get worked also. I would like to have an extra, possibly get it ported and polished, because I would like to bore and stroke the little guy sometime in the future. But, back on subject, I'll let you know about the new head and valves, they should be here mon-tues
  3. usafdave

    05 will only bump start, can't kick start it?,..

    yeah,...I think I will listen to your guys advice. I'll probaly just order a new 06 head and valves and replace it all. Might as well put a piston in it while i'm in there. Thanks for all the input and advice you guys, it really helps to get others say on this stuff. I've been out of it for awhile
  4. usafdave

    05 will only bump start, can't kick start it?,..

    awesome,..thanks for the input,...as far as what was done, I don't know, I just have a receipt from the previuos owner,.just said valve service, so I imagine just shimming them. But, I think you guys were right,..I checked the intake valves, and I couldn't even get a .0015 feeler guage in there!! I can't believe it tightened up that much,..looks like I'm re-shimming,..
  5. usafdave

    new head.. well new everything..

    yeah,...post pics when you get done! that black frame and swing arm should look awesome,..I saw a CRF450 Supermoto bike a guy did like that, and it looked great! I'm sure this will too
  6. usafdave

    05 will only bump start, can't kick start it?,..

    oh yeah,...when I manually hold the auto decompression from engaging,...I can stiff kick it over by hand,...should it be that easy?,...I'm thinking not....
  7. what up guys,..k,..I've got an issue,.. I have an 05 CRF 250 I bought used, and it just had a vlave job done (got the receipt for it), ...but after riding it 4-5 times,...now it will only bump (towing it behind a quad) start, ...I can't kick start it? I'm throw off,..what would cause this? I've got it stripped down now checking it out,.. When it starts, it runs great, doesnt seem doggish or sluggish anywhere. I'm thinking maybe low compression? The auto-decompression mech. seems to be working fine, carb looks great,..i'm heading out now to check the valve clearance now. I've been wanting to work on this bike, and maybe add some more power items ,..maybe this is the time? for what a leak down tester and compression tester cost I can by a new piston and cam ( I work at cycle gear, so I get a decent discount),...should I look at getting new valves too? maybe upgrade to the 06 head? I heard that head is better and stronger than this one?,....any input is wanted,,.........Thanks!!
  8. usafdave

    cheapest ways to make my 05 crf250 super fast!?

    I understand what your talking about. It's been 5 years since I've rode in the dirt, and I just picked up an 05 CRF250. It to seemed slow, but I think only because I've been doing the supermoto thing on my KTM, thats a 560, so, of course the 250 seemed slow. It doesn't help a weight a bit more, I'm 6'2" and 180lbs. Yeah, I probaly should have gotten a 450, but being so long since I've been in dirt, I figured this would be a way to get back into it with out getting hurt to bad! ha But, getting back to the subject, my opinion of the power output of this bike changed. I think it's all in the way you ride it. Being as light as you are, you may not need to drop the extra cash on suspension now, open your manual, or search the net, and set your preload/sag and all that good stuff up to fit you, that makes a big difference. Check all your tire pressure, all the simple back to basics stuff makes a big difference. This bike has really changed my mind, and now I refer to it as the lil' 250 that could. When ridden smoothly, this bike can haul. But thats the trick, riding it smoothly on the track. I've picked up a lot of pace just practicing on that, instead of just "pinning it for winning it" and droping the clutch out of the corners. I think because of how much your own personal weight effects how the bike rides and handles, being smooth and making smooth transistions between what your doing on the track makes a big difference. I've even gotten so bad to pull up videos of the pro's in the lites class to watch them ride, and try to take tips from them and utilize them in my own riding. Granted, I will never be that fast, ha but I try. As far as pure power output of the bike, I didn't get to ride mine stock, but like most 4-strokes, your easiest and cheapest mods are pipe and intake. So, I would say, get a full pipe, make sure the bike is jetted correctly, clean your air filter for max flow every ride and go from there. The smoother you ride, the more you will feel those differences. If then it doesn't feel like enough, then drop the big money, get your head ported, higher compression piston and what not. Remember though, higher compression will cut back on overall engine life, so keep and eye on your compression if you do that. Preventive maintnance is cheaper than repairs in these engines. Good luck, and let us know what you do and the before's and afters! Late
  9. what up y'all? As the title says,..I just checked out a 04 YZ205F and a 05 CRF250 today,...the YZ felt like it had a bit more down low, but I really like the handling and ergo's of the honda,..plus they're prettier. haha if that makes a difference. haha But I'm a KTM guy (KTM 560 SMR) and I haven't been in the dirt world for a bit,...I'm buying this bike as just a straight toy for the woods,..maybe a lil' track play. The 250's seem a bit light on power, but they just feel so light It seems like it would be a riot to play around on. What are the things I should look for? It's got a full Yosh' system, and a bunch of "make it pretty" accs. on it. The guy has got a decent maintnance record for it, including receipts for a recent valve job and suspension rebuild. The bike is pretty much spotless, and he's asking 2500,..I think thats decent,...but I needs the boy's who know this bike to help me out. Tell me what ya think! Thanks guys! V/R Dave Polcyn
  10. usafdave

    newbie converting 450EXC SM and street?

    awesome , thank you guys for your help, this is all new to me , so it really helps alot , exspecially the tips on the oil cooler , for some reason I have had a hard time locating a company that makes them.
  11. a guys , my names dave.I'm new to the supermoto thing , what I'm working with is a 2004 KTM 450EXC , and I want to build a street legal Supermoto bike to ride around on base and around town when I leave for the AirForce this March. Cycle Hutt sells a kit that comes with the brake set up , cuishioned wheels and fender , so next I was gonna purchase some other parts to make the conversion back to dirt easy as possible. does anybody know what gear ratio I should run on the street and has anybody ever heard of a company that offers an extra external oil tank to hold a little bit more oil to keep things a bit cooler on the lowers for those long rides? one more question , any have a stock cylinder and piston laying around from a 525 , I know they have a big bore kit , but there a bit pricey for me now , and i think i'm gonna want a little more power from the little 450. thanks for any input guys.later david polcyn