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    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    I have a nice big order to make if anyone has a code they could PM me. Thanks!
  2. jason_paul

    Lets see those 200

    My New to me 2012 200 XCW And my fiance's 2006 after a day out riding.
  3. jason_paul

    Glue on Swingarm from graphics.. torch?

    Lighter fluid or Naptha
  4. Ok, We are looking for a upgrade for my Fiancee. She's 5'6" 130lbs and has been riding for a couple years but is still timid... some of it may be not having a bike that fits her well. But either way she's mostly a sit down rider so far. We started her with a old '77 kawasaki KM 100. It was good for learning controls, but that was about it. Off road, it just did not handle bumps well. Next we got a 2002 KX100..... I think it was too much of a step as she was afraid of the power, but the size and handling were almost perfect. Plus the 2 stroke not suited well to the slow trail riding we tend to do. So we let the KX100 go and ended up with a TTR125LE. The electric start is great, but size and power are lacking. It may be that she just needs to learn how to ride it better, but she's run across hills that she couldnt make it up, just stalling out half way up. Still the TTR125L is a little small for her. Stand up riding is not a comfortable position at all. I just got a wr250F and she took it for a ride around the yard and fell in love with it. She spent at least an hour just circling the yard/field around the house. Only stopping to let me ride the new to me bike. She was unafraid of its weight, but I also agree it just feels lighter than it is. Im coming off of a XR400, so this is a big change in feel. Obviously size wise the WR has her completely on her toes. The first time she stopped with it to get off it, it got dropped. But she did pick it up on her own. So we are trying to find a bike that would be a good upgrade from the ttr125 for her. It seems like every year we are getting a new bike for her so want something a little longer term. Anyone have any suggestions on a bike? Ideally electric start as kick starting a bike after dropping it has worn her out in the past. Plus now that I have a magic button, I dont want to see her stuck kicking and kicking when frustrated. Im not opposed to a WR250 for her and lowering it, just want to see if there is any other option on a bike that not too heavy. My old XR400 was just too heavy physically and in feel.
  5. jason_paul

    Freshen up 98 XR250

    What is the MX rear fender off of? Where did you find it for $18? Thanks J
  6. jason_paul

    Edison approach to alerantive XR400 carbs

    Very Cool! I have 440 that could use a non stock carb... interested to see what you come up with.