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  1. Karen

    CRF 230L fuel mileage?

    I used IMS superstock pegs for an XR 250, they are a perfect fit. The springs were done in San Jose by a suspension guy, he replaced the stock with stiffer ones, I can find out exactly what he used and post. It cost around $200 for the front end work, well worth it. How do you like yours so far?
  2. Karen

    CRF 230L fuel mileage?

    I get about 120 miles to a tank before reserve, better mileage in the dirt. After just over 1000 miles, I am in love with it! It is a great town bike and goes fast enough for short distances on the highway. It does fine in the dirt, I haven't tried anything too technical, don't want to lay it down and break stuff yet. I did upgrade the front springs and change the pegs to wider ones, it was a little mushy on the rough stuff with the stock springs. Top speed on a slight downhill for a few seconds it was at 80, where the speedo stops. It was too fast for me, a little shaky, but it is comfortable to cruise at 70 and still have a little left. I haven't tested the speedo vs. the gps yet, so those numbers could be off. Frank Nye has done excellent work on our bikes in the past and I plan on having him do the 250 thing to this one, just to keep up with the 400's and 650's the guys are riding.
  3. Karen

    Hollister Hills Race This Saturday!

    Are the results up? We didn't see them on the website.
  4. Karen


    450 Miles and loving it I have changed out the front bushings and springs for stronger, it handles so much better off road. Added IMS pegs It can go 75 mph, but I weigh 115 lbs, do the math Get around 50-60 mpg depending on speed, on or off road etc... (120/tank) So far, it is everything I wanted in a dual sport. I would love to go faster, but it keeps me safe not being able to haul a-- Yesterday we took our 6 yr old for his 1st street ride (legal?) and he could reach the pegs no problem, don't think an adult could use them. Did you know HJC makes youth street helmets? So far, the 230L has been great. No complaints.
  5. Karen


    Posting a few thoughts on the new 230L after 200 miles: goes around 75 mph on asphalt comfortably changed over to reserve after 110 road miles-the 650 w/ 4 gal tank ran out around there I haven't removed the cannister, advised not to by my bike guru Frank at enginesonly.com, he said it wont go faster and to leave it legal and do the 250 bore and jetting later. It feels just like riding an XR200 with the wide seat, low center of gravity, and the way the engine can run at low rpms, no need to shift coming out of a curve. I have added a bag, ims superstock pegs from a 250, and wrap around hand guards (had to cut the knobs off the levers to fit) I have removed the attached tool box, and plan to replace the giant license plate holder and taillight thats hanging off of the rear fender! It should break off in a few short rides anyway. Overall, a very comfortable bike. Others have mentioned it would make a great wife bike and they are right on. I am comfortable on a day trip, I dont think it would be the machine to ride Canada to Mexico. For me it has opened up alot of places I couldn't go before unless I spent thousands on chopping up a big bike to fit on it. I'm sure there are many others who will love it like I do.
  6. Karen


    I finally broke down yesterday and bought the new 230L. I was waiting to see the Yamaha and Kawi 250 dual sports, but reached the conclusion they were just to big for me to ride all day. I am 5'2" and the 230 is just the right height for me. It is very quiet and shifts smooth. There is some really ugly smog equipment for the ca. version. The metal tank holds 2.3 gallons but shouldnt be topped off due to the charcoal canister, so probably more like 2 gal. I got it to 70mph on the road pinned, but I was also being careful not to rev it at only 10 miles new! My regular bike is a 250X and this is no X bike(didn't expect it to be) This bike needs a pipe and tank. I can't imagine it will ever be nearly as fast as the new 250's DS's but with the dual sports getting more popular we should see some aftermarket parts soon. Please post if you have seen any good mods. I will post after getting some miles in today.
  7. Karen


    ditto - no girly colors! Some grays and blues, something that doesn't scream GIRL coming down the trail. I would love a nice enduro type jacket and a vest with pockets. For sure pockets in the pants, too.
  8. Karen

    Racers and Ranchers Video is up!!!

    Excellent video, excellent weekend! Thanks for everything guys! One more reason to ride Baja. Can't wait for next time... Karen G.
  9. on the frame above the footpeg? Are you looking at the pic w/ the black camo graphics?
  10. ssanddemon- I like that frame guard, what is it? Your bike is SICK! Nice job.
  11. Karen

    Dirt bike theft insurance for Mex

    I insure my truck w/ the mexican insurance then insure the dirt bikes as towed or carried vehicles. They (bajabound ins.) insure the bikes for the current value for theft and liability. We can buy it for any amount of time from 1 day to a year. We have Farmers for our US provider.
  12. Karen

    Satellite phones in Baja

    I am looking at sat phones and wanted to get opinions on the best way to go for northern baja. We live in California.Thanks
  13. We have driven our chevy 4wd hd250 to Mike's with the bikes in the back then you can ride out of Mike's and leave your truck safe and sound on the mountain. Of course ok this w/ Mike first, but he's never had a problem with us leaving it there. It takes about an hour to drive up the dirt road with the truck loaded. Good luck:)
  14. I have an 01 Xr200 that I love. I saw another 200 in a parking lot in Mexico with CR style upside down front forks. I want to do that, anyone know how?