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    drz250 forks bleeding?

    Go buy a large syringe, like for cattle or animals or maybe a medicine syringe to measure kids meds. They will be marked in milliliters 1 ml = 1cc. I put the bike on a stand (5 gal. bucket) with weight off front wheel. Remove bars to make it a lot easier. Complete one fork at a time. Remove nut at the top of your fork, i had to put some weight on the forks to pop the spring and nut up enough to put the oil in between the nut and the spring with the syringe. Take the weight off the wheel again and the nut and spring will go back down. **Be careful not to cross thread the nut when you get it started** Tighten the nut down and do it all again on fork two. I added 15cc, that made mine a little better, I read on TT forum that some guys are putting 20cc or more. I also tightened my clicker at the bottom of my forks(2 clicks) that also helped.
  2. Wakeboarddaddy

    drz250 forks bleeding?

    Thanks Austin If i want to stiffen the forks a little more do i tighten the clicker at the top or at the bottom of the forks?
  3. Wakeboarddaddy

    drz250 forks bleeding?

    I add 15cc's of extra oil to each fork by just unscrewing the top caps one at a time and adding the oil with a syringe (with the weight of the forks). After i added the oil to each fork i screwed the cap back on(with the weight still off the forks). Should i have done anything else? The 250 doesn't have a bleeder screw so if i need to bleed the air how do i do it? Thanks, Tim
  4. Wakeboarddaddy

    drz250 fork bleed?

    I have a new 04 drz250. I have added more oil to the forks to help bottoming out. I just screwed the top caps off and added the oil with a syringe (with bike on a stand) I then put the caps back on. The drz250 has no air screws, do i need to bleed the forks and if so how? Thanks ahead of time for your help, Tim
  5. Wakeboarddaddy

    DRZ250 stock pipe mod or Yoshi full

    Hey Y'all, I just picked up a new 2004 drz250. I am going to follow everyone advice on all the free mods but i would like to know you thoughts on the pipe. Is the $500 full Yoshi system worth double what a slip-on with the head pipe weld cleaned out is or should i keep stock and drill cap, drill out some baffle holes and clean weld. Thank