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  1. That is the one that I was looking at but I really wanted that one with the white seat cover...I know picky, picky...I wonder if they would do it with the white cover.?
  2. Does anybody know where you can get a good looking graphics kit for white plastics????
  3. So you couldnt even make them work?????
  4. I am not sure if they are 504 says they are different. I would think they would be different just beacause all of the company's list them seperate. The reason I was wondering is because I am looking to get trade my 200sx for crf450 and wanted to do the white plastics but I like the kits for the cr250 more and I cant find the carey hart kit in silver anywhere!!! I figured if I had to I could just do a little trimming as long as the seat covers are the same.
  5. Is it very easy to make the decals fit or would it even look right???